Hello ! Χαίρετε ! Hola ! مرحبا ! 你好!

Hi 🙂 So I’ve been working on a travel blog for a while now, but honestly.. I get lazy.. and uber busy… that doesn’t mean stop reading; I have full intentions of being consistent. But with me getting accepted into grad school in Spain (YAY) and me about to begin my journey abroad, I figure this the perfect time to start one. I will be posting consistently up to when I leave, then about my adventures in Europe while there…

A lil background:  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.. My mother loved to travel, took me with her, and I kept it up on my own. She taught me sing-a-long songs are the best road trip material. So whether belting out Un-Break My Heart, bobbing along to Hit Me Baby One More Time, or crumping in the car one hand on the wheel pointing “to the windows, to the walls”, the right music is key. She taught me how to smile my way through speeding tickets in the south (although that didn’t work too well in North Carolina -_- $500 later..). And that where you stay is only half as important as what you do while away.

So why care about this blog?: Do or don’t. I got motivated because I like to write, and people kept telling me how much they’d want to read. So hopefully you guys live up to that, or I’ll just be a lonely girl writing to herself.
I’ll go into (as much) details as I can remember about past trips. Talk about upcoming trip plans, include suggestions, common travel questions, and things people deal with.  Listed below are the places I’ve been and hopefully what I get to write about. PLEASE BARE IN MIND, a lot of the places and trips I’m writing about are from the past; I wasn’t thinking or caring about reporting back details. So with that being said, I’ll try to incorporate as many details and links as possible but I honestly may have just forgotten.. get over it and google what you want to know.

Thailand: Phuket, Bangkok.
United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai.

Namibia: Windhoek 
South Africa: Cape Town

Ghana: Accra

USA: 20/ 50 states, Puerto Rico 1st time. Puerto Rico 2nd time
Mexico: Cancun, Tijuana,
Canada: Toronto, Niagara Falls.
– Caribbean
      Bahamas: Nassau.
      Jamaica: Kingston, Montego Bay.
      Dominican Republic: Puerto Plata, Punta Cana.
Central America

France: Paris. Nice
Ireland: Dublin.
Germany: MunichBerlin.
Netherlands: Ulrich, Amsterdam.
Switzerland: Zurich, Geneva.
Spain: Madrid, Seville, Valencia, Granada, Toledo, Oviedo. Ibiza , San Sebastian, Sitges,
Italy: Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome
Portugal: Lisboa, Oporto.
United Kingdom: London
Sweden: Stockholm
Turkey: Istanbul
Belgium: Brussels



Common Question I get from people is where are places I still want to go most. Easy…

Haiti. Brazil. India. Greece. 



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