New Orleans ’13


Stayed: A friends family home                                        Duration: 4 days
When:   Memorial Weekend                                              Good For: any type of vacation

I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans, since forever. All for cliche reasons, to celebrate Fat Tuesday for Mardi Gras, to hang over a balcony and possibly flash a crowd of over a 100 people that I hope to never see again just to obtain a bunch of beads, and to eat eat eat.. So when a friend who grew up there suggested we go visit her family there for memorial weekend I was all for it..

The Stay
A friend of mine is from New Orleans, and family still lives there. During this visit, we stayed at her family’s home about a 10-15minute drive from Bourbon Street. (At least that’s what I think. But I was heavily hammered each trip.) I always enjoy staying within non-tourist areas  with people from the area to get a more authentic experience. There are pro’s and con’s to this (which will be in a different post) but for the kind of trips I take, I prefer to stay close, but distant enough to the tourist.

The FoodIMG_5003.JPG
FOODGASMS EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Maybe my favorite part of the trip was the food.
Catfish po-boys, bags of crawfish (pinch the tail, suck the head), alligator sausage on a stick, grilled oysters, and smothered EVERYTHING.
The spice market is a must!
Liquor is a whole different topic.  Between hand grenades, hurricanes, bowls, jello shots, tube shots, real daiquiris (not that wet willies stuff although still good). You need at least to have one of each #notasuggestion #ademand
The Party Scene

Since the person I traveled with was from NOLA, and had family there we got to experience bars that weren’t in the busy tourist areas. I can’t pin point the places, but we did hit a hookah lounge and a bar with live music outside the tourist area. They were both low-key very chill and reasonably priced, needless to say go out of the normal tourist range. Naturally we did go to the tourist bars and clubs along Bourbon Street, and around it and those were always a blast even on weekdays.

A major thing I wanted to do while in NOLA was to see a psychic. I went to the famous Marie Laveau’s House of Voodoo and got a tarot card reading. So I went into the shop and my psychic was telling me what she saw for my future and present, and I just couldn’t relate. I didn’t see who or what she could be referring to, and chalked it up to getting a fake reading.. LET ME TELL YOU, the year that followed  EVERY SINGLE THING HAPPEN. This skeptic became a believer. Whether you’re a believer or not I say do it, just for the culture and fun of it.
Another thing that I highly suggest are the Ghost Tours (there are many), again whether you’re a believer or not it’s something fun to do, and you learn a lot of history, now whether you believe there are lingering spirits or not is up to you.
Also a nice break from the tourist stuff was going to the New Orleans City park. To lay back by the water, drinking a gallon daiquiri and eating crawfish in the sun was precisely what was needed.

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