Local Nomad: The Staten Island Ferry

staten-island-ferry-whitehall-773015.jpgBeing from NYC there are places that you’re most likely not going/ haven’t gone/ went during elementary school and have no interest going again. And I’m sure that goes for any highly tourist place.

So when my Bahamian  friend told me she wanted to see the Statue of Liberty, my poor college ass was like okay, whats the best way to get on the water and see the statue for the low low.

After some googling, and trip advisory, I came across the Staten Island Ferry. SO that tis what we did AFTER downing a whole bottle of 19% dessert wine. Got on the free staten island ferry, and got a very close, very good view of the Statue of Liberty, the Freedom Tower, and the NYC skyline.

The ferry docked in Staten Island and I was like I’ve never been to  Staten, so fuck it, lets look around. (fair warning) THERE IS NOTHING IN STATEN ISLAND (get back on the ferry and go back to manhattan). But whatever, we took a cab to some indian restaurant, ate some curry, then went back to civilization ^_^.

Worth the trip though, it was FREE, gave great views, FREE, pretty large ship and frequent trips are made.

[side note: these pictures are NOT mine, I lost the one’s I took, but you get the idea]12.jpg

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