Cancun ’13

Stayed: RIU Cancun (all inclusive)                          Duration: 5 days
When: Spring Break 2013 (early March)                Good For: Groups

I  went to Cancun with friends for our undergrad senior year spring break. I don’t know if you remember BET Spring Bling or MTVs Spring Break, but growing up that’s how I had always envisioned college spring break and though I have had some great ones I knew I needed a party island to end it off. That’s what we found in Cancun. If you’re thinking what the price point was, I want to say the all inclusive hotel + flight + club pass was around $1300. (Well worth it tho) It was definitely a party vacation, perfect if you’re looking for fun with the guys or girls. Great for groups, leave your family and school work and job and significant other at home. Great place to forget everything if that’s what you’re looking for…

The Resort
AMAZING. There was 1 buffets, 3 restaurants, bars and lounges, swim-up bar and a sport bar open 24/7. On-top of that there were liquor bottle dispensers in every room that got refilled DAILY (pic above), along with beer and sodas and water. So needless to say we held plenty of pre-game parties in our suite just because we could and it was free. They had about 4 pools including an infinity pool and the resort was on the beach. What I think is fun about a lot of all-inclusive resorts in the carribbean (in this case Mexico) they always have plenty of on-resort activities, like learning native dancing, water games, etc. utilize what your resort offers for added fun. Get a list of their activities. We were no more than a 10min walk from all the bars/clubs/souvenir shops, so it was easy to go out on the town and do things without getting lost. I highly suggest staying in the area I stayed at, but there is also a popular area further down the strip, it’s about a 20minute walk to the clubs BUT it’s around a bunch of party hotels so pick your poison. Priceline has a lot of good all-inclusive specials.

The Food      
Biggest thing I tell anyone when staying at a resort, don’t be lazy and just eat at the
buffets, go to the restaurants at the resort or more important outside of it. On this trip we didn’t eat off of the resort often but we did make reservations at the restaurants in the resort which were great. There was also this one taco spot on the strip of all the clubs that sold Tacos for $1USD. They were extremely fresh and authentic and highly recommended. After the clubs there was a line for them and I’d go every single night. I can’t remember the names of the surrounding restaurants but try em all. Also when in mexico do as the mexicans do, (or at least what we read the mexicans do) EAT THE WORM AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR MEZCAL BOTTLE. The picture to the right is me with the worm at the bottom of the bottle. What’s said is, the worm is put in the bottle and it gets filled with all the alcohol and is beyond potent. So you’re suppose to eat the worm and supposedly will become incredibly intoxicated.

SPOILER ALERT: I was still sober lol… but I can say I ate the worm 😉

The Club Scene

AMAZING. We bought a party package ahead of time through the STS Travel website. We got a 4 day pass for about $200 but it was well worth it. VIP access to each club, bottle service included, and free entry and open bar’s pre-clubs. So despite the free booze, the Clubs overall were establishments I have never seen before anywhere. They were all huge, able to hold thousands and thousands of people and either had grand themes or elaborate shows. My personal favorite was Coco Bongo. They had acrobats and did live shows, the line went down the block so they gave shots every quarter of the way. I believe they stated they had 4,000 people there the night I went. I lost my phone that night, but greatest night ever. Another suggestion I strongly recommend: DO THE BOOZE CRUISE. They pick you up on the island, take you and a boat full of others to an isolated island for food, tons of booze, and risqué games on stage. The trip there and back itself was a party of it’s own. I could probably make a whole post about that booze cruise but that’s a story for when we’re more familiar with one another 🙂


Half of the group I was with wanted to swim with dolphins. I and another wanted to go parasailing. Parasailing was scary and liberating at the same damn time. Being loose and free looking down at an endless ocean and little boat helps clear ones mind, while the higher you go the less you feel in control and that scared me. Would definitely recommend it.


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