enhanced-buzz-wide-28632-1353103917-7.jpgEveryone has different definitions of  what a staycation vs. vacation is. Some say if you’re not going on an international trip you are taking a staycation.. but I’m convinced the people who believe that don’t live in the United States of America.
Texas alone is big enough to hold Cambodia, Vietnam, and half of Thailand.

With that said, I consider a staycation any trip that is under a 5 hour drive or over a 3 hour flight. So for example, with me living in New York, my perimeter is as south as Washington D.C. and as north as Massachusetts.

WHATEVER YOUR DEFINITION IS, I highly recommend them.  For me that’s how I
keep my sanity. I typically use site’s that do all the searching for you, such as Wanderu. You put in the information and they look up the most CHEAP accommodating ways of travel. You could take this chance to utilize a long weekend, to stay in a bed and breakfast by a lake, to leave your friends house at 5am 2 states over to get to your job on time for 9am Monday (clearly i do this too often).
People are under this false impression that you need so much time off from work or to be going somewhere extravagant to actually catch a break. NOT TRUE. You just need to learn How to Maximize Your Day’s Off

Tips on planning your staycationroad-sign-img250w

  • Tailor it around an event.
    i.e. There’s a music festival or event coming to your area of the country and you want to go. Take that as an opportunity to get a room nearby, to take the train there and forget about responsibilities and explore the territories etc
  • Don’t work from home
    do not say you’re going to just stay home and not go into work, and then work from your laptop those days. 
  • Make a list of sites to see or places to go that you’ve never seen or gone
    1. amusement park 2. museums 3. theaters 4. parks 5. recreational places 6. bowling 7. spa 8. etc. etc. 
  • Plan to relax
    easy to say, not so easy when put to the test. Putting away electronics is difficult for everyone especially in this day and age, not saying don’t have it around, but maybe on “do not disturb” 

I take Staycations often, but so should you…

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