Dominican Republic ’14


IMG_0145Stayed: LHVC – Residential Suites (Puerto Plata)
Duration: 5 Days
When: Memorial Weekend (May)
Good For: Groups/ Couples

This ended up being a very interesting trip, in the best way possible. Besides the endless search for wifi or having to constantly wonder where a roommate was, it was pure fun. This trip started out as a 20 people group trip turned 4 people who cordially knew each other (refer to group trip 101, when I post it wendesday). To our surprise our resort ended up being the resort they use to host Memorial Getaways. So Big Tyga+Lance Gross+Starlet Bottle Girls turned IG models+Black Professionals+an island= a crazy                                                                                                         experience

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The Resort

So we got to the resort to find out that it’s the biggest resort on the island, and that our particular property had 4 parts. The villas (like homes), the residential suites (like an apartment), confresi palms (like a hotel), and the presidential suites (which from what I heard was just a more VIP type of a hotel experience). After checking in they informed us that there was a pool party and that we should join after settling in. So went to our room which was very spacious, we had a balcony, kitchenette, cozy living room area, and great size rooms etc. (we stayed in the residential suites – courtesy of my timeshare). We went to a close buffet to our room, changed into swimwear and went to the “pool party”. I don’t know if you’ve ever gone to a hotels pool party but it’s usually stupid water games and a bunch of people just lounging around. NOT THIS HOTEL (at least not this time). Very quickly it was brought to our attention that we were at the turn-up hotel for the turn up weekend. Also I don’t know if you’ve ever been to a pool party with minorities, but it’s usually a bunch of people dancing AROUND the pool; again.. NOT THIS POOL PARTY, pool was packed, the surrounding of the pool was packed, random people were dunking people, they had the liquor flowing on the side automatically.. it was just a show…

The resort though, as I mentioned was huge. To the point, you could walk between the sections, but many times we ended up being on bikes going from one side into another, hopping on the little carts, and it was always a show. I loved the resort though, big enough to lose people if you wanted to be dolo but big enough that you had options of what crowd you wanted to entertain. The villas are AMAZING by the way, if you’re doing like a bachelor/ bachelorette party book the villas !!! (the things I saw man, the things i didn’t see but were told about…lol… my man will not be going to the Dominican Republic on an all guys trip thank you very much 🙂 )


The FoodiStock_000010738692XSmall.jpg

Dominican food will always be a favorite of mine, it’s rich and filling. This resort in particular had a lot of variety with the restaurants they offered. So if Dominican food is not your forte you have 11 other restaurants/buffets to choose from. Also they have 12 different bars scattered around the property, half of which are particular by alcohol type. Also do not forget the liquor. DR is known for their Rum (as most of the Caribbean), and their specialty drink is “Mamajuana” made from Brugal Rum. It’s easy to make, one part red wine, one part honey, the rest rum, but the most important part is the bark ! The longer you soak it the more potent and better for you it’s suppose to be (at least let it soak for 2 weeks). It’s suppose to help with a variety of things ranging from flu remedies, blood cleanser, digestive aid, to being a liquor “viagra”. Whether those claims are real or not are up to you. ALL I KNOW is that it’s smooth to take down, it’s yumming, and will get you highly intoxicated. Drink over ice, or shot it.

The Club Scene

Due to our resort being the biggest property out there, and their being a planned party at the resort daily it was easy for us because we never had to leave. Also after asking many people about surrounding clubs in the area the selection was small and the day’s didn’t accommodate. But the resort was more than enough fun, plus the bottomless liquor at an all-inclusive always helps.There were many themed parties, like an all-white party that was the night of the pool party (so needless to say we slept through that), a Beach Luau, Beach day party, a bond fire type thing, and so many other things (some events were exclusive to the getaway party package and not the resort).



Included in the resort package we had, we received free passes to Ocean World, which was within walking distance of the resort. There we saw a seal lion show, dolphins, sharks, white tigers, and exotic birds.
We also went into town to go souvenir shopping, and to visit Fortaleza San Felipe. Other’s we know went into town and rented yachts which was a popular thing to do
as well (again.. wouldn’t be my man <_<). Getting a taxi into town wasn’t hard, we asked workers at the hotel and they helped set it up. It’s not necessary but it is in your best interest to know how to speak Spanish. Being able to communicate with our driver I believe got us perks, got us to explore more, and made us safer.

We also went on an adventure in their terrain. We got to Zip-line (which is like the best thing I’ve ever done), horse-back ride, got a full lunch buffet, shots of mamajuana, and they took us to local street-side souvenir shops.


Special Thanks to Jahm-Jahm for the pictures I couldn’t retrieve :-* 


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