Group Travel

Traveling in Groups ehh .. Let me first say I’m for group trips; honestly I’ve never taken a solo trip. Either I’m meeting someone in the place I’m going or going with someone but I know plenty of people who do travel alone and love it.

Either way, traveling with another person whether that be 1 person or 20 it all comes down to knowing who you’re traveling with. Key things you should know to make it go easier

  1.  Their spending habits. Will they try to fake stunt in the beginning and end up broke half way through? Did they just have the money to book but none for the trip? Do they spend similarly to you? Whichever their spending habit is its best for money to be a topic of discussion.
  2.  How do they like to vacation? Are they museum people? Party animals ? A little bit of both ? Nature watchers? Would they compromise if the group wanted to go something they don’t have an interest in? I think this may be the most important one.
    Nothing is more annoying than a person complaining because they’re the only person who doesn’t want to do something and thinks everyone else should agree. BIH shoulda gone on your own trip.

  3. How do they party? Jersey Shore meets Love & Hip Hop or house party meets lounge; Are you likely to get kicked out of a place from sloppiness? Are they going to start a fight (angry drunk)? Is everyone going to vibe? Can everyone agree on the type of place to go, etc.?
  4. Generally what kind of people are they? What are their personalities ? Are they going to need a babysitter, someone by their side the whole trip? Can they mingle, get to know new people easily? etc..


The biggest downfall with group trips is typically before you even go on the trip. Everyone is always for going but when it comes down to it you end up with only one original person.

MY ADVICE?14m3l0k.png

If you’re planning a group trip. Think way ahead. At least 6 months. That way you have time to give people some kind of reasonable time frame to get their money together (with 6 month, you really only have about 3 months to collect, but hey it varies depending on the trip and you), and be able to book in a reasonable time. DO NOT PERMANENTLY BOOK SOMETHING WITHOUT getting THE MONEY. You will be at a resort with 4 suites and 2 people (been there done that.) The size of the group doesn’t matter, but the bigger the group ensure there can be sub groups. And I don’t mean make it a clique thing. But with larger groups there’s going to always be a clash of what people want to do. But there’s also a larger chance some people will want to do that other thing. So having personalities that are different but can mesh is great.

Lastly, be realistic.
Sounds easy enough, but I don’t think that it’s ever taken into consideration fully. Think.
Realistically how many people can I tolerate to be around in close space for a duration of time?
Realistically  who will be able to produce this amount of money in this amount of time?
Realistically with the people I’m thinking of inviting, how will this trip potentially be?
Realistically with where I’m trying to go, who would appreciate it most?

Personally I think is great when making trip choices and planning for trips including a larger amount of people. You can put in exactly where about you’re looking for and when, and they provide you choices then they also give you sub-sections. Budget, places where meals are included (which can help people decide how their money will be spent), reservation policy (which is important if you still need to collect money), amenities (for groups Wi-Fi might be extremely important for some), etc.


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  1. bdwhite says:

    I know Im not built for large group travel life – I just can’t. I prefer a solo dolo or to be with 2-3 close friends MAX. I’m also more of a museum, explore history person than a nature watcher and even though I’m not opposed to a drink, I for damn sure a the farthest thing from a partier. And you’re so right that if the person’s or groups vacation habits aren’t the same as yours, that can ruin your vacation. Never had it happen to me cause Ive never done the group thing but Ive heard horror stories lol


    1. Girl I’ve done group trips and have had great experiences and horrid ones. I can go either way so I’m an easy person I think to vacation with BUT I’ve gone with groups who take hours to get ready to go to the beach so they can take pictures lol… Not my cup of tea

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bdwhite says:

        Lmao so they travelling for the gram! Yeah nah, that would not be fun at all lol


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