Nomad Festival #1: Santa Con

, one of the funnest events I was able to be apart of.
Simply it’s a bar crawl of people dressed in Santa or Santa-isque costumes. It’s usually in the Lower East Side, this year they changed  it up a little and started in Williamsburg. It’s just an all around good time. (they say it’s free, BUT) You donate (I think it was $10) then you get a pin which lets you into the particular bars/clubs included in the crawl. Then at these bars there are a bunch of different drink specials. It’s not just in NY, there are SantaCon’s held all over the world. This year, my first year I lucked out, the weather was amazing & I got to frolic around in my costume very comfortably. The downfall of that unfortunately was that there were so many people, moreso than I think typical. So that made some lines at some bars extremely long, and some bars unbearably packed, (one monkey don’t stop the show though) there were plenty of bearable places and “unofficially” participating bars along the way you could go to. They don’t give you the locations till like the night before, so  for you planners don’t stress it, just let it flow.

Tips for going to SantaCon

  1. Bring Cash: at some places it is easy to just swipe away, but unless you’re swiping and closing your tab at each and every drink you save more time just handing the cash over, and hopping to your next stop.
  2. Pre-Game: that’s an always, BUT it’s still a good rule of thumb. Everyone else will have already been wastey, don’t spend a bunch of money playing catch up. Most places have great deals but they don’t all, some only had special prices for specialty drinks that were weak.
  3. Dress up: that’s actually a rule, be festive don’t half ass it, or don’t go.
  4. Don’t Drive: use that Metro-card, or walk. (and this has nothing to do with safety) but it’s just much more interactive. People are staring at you, taking pictures of you or with you, you’re laughing and singing with fellow drunken Santa’s, you make new friends, it’s a good times.

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