Repeat Trip Offenders

My rule of thumb with repeat locations: if you can afford to go there twice, you can afford to go somewhere else

Honestly I typically don’t see the point in going to the same location twice. There’s so much world and land and adventures to go on that if you’ve already covered a place why waste your resources and time going again?

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I’ll say it could be worth it.
But that’s only if:

  1. You got an AMAZING cheap ass, can’t pass up, basically free deal; in that case you better go. (no sweat or money off your back. Take all free vacations lol)
  2. You’re going for a different event/ reason/location.
    (i.e. Miami: going for spring break then going again for carnival
    i.e. Dominican Republic: going on a friends trip to turn up then going with your boo to explore the forest or other side of the island.
    i.e. New York City: going in your youth to sight see with family then going as an adult to party)

Otherwise cut it out.

Granted there are some places people tend to go back to just cause they like it there, and to each their own, but broaden your horizons. Don’t let your complacency with one location prevent you from exploring others. If you have no desire to go ANYWHERE else then “dew yew boo-boo” but if you do put that repeat trip on the back-burner and put those funds toward something new. I’m not saying don’t ever do a repeat trip ever, besides the rules, but at least take a few years between the time you do go,

Now this only applies to vacations. Staycations go as often as your heart desires.. how do I differentiate between the two?  That’s explained in a different blog..

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