Nomad Festival #2: AfroPunk

It’s that time again Festival Season, and this may seem weird but I’m starting my Festival post with the Festival that almost closes the summer festival season. Afropunk had recently put up the line-up for 2016 as well as the tickets for this summer’s festival. Before I get into what this wonderful festival is like, let me explain what it is.

Afropunk is about acceptance, appreciation, and love of all cultures. They do not allow sexism, racism, ableism, ageism, homophobia, fatphobia, transphobia, or hatefulness. Basically if you’re harboring any ill feelings towards a group or kind of people don’t go, if you can’t just vibe out and have a good chill fun time without judging then don’t go. It’s a melting pot of genders, races, cultures, hipsters, kids, parents, all enthusiast alike, etc. Plain and simple it’s a good time.


The 2015 festival was the first year they charged for Afropunk. I had gone the 2 years prior and in regular fashion it was free. So yes there was some disappointment in the fact that now a $0 event went to about $80 for the 2 days. But that did not deter the amount of people from coming. (Not for nothing, Afropunk had been a free event for years, and I don’t think a higher “donation” , charge was too much to ask for.) Either way  Afropunk gave it’s patrons an
opportunity to “Earn Your Ticket”

which I think was a dope initiative. I ended up choosing the initiative to volunteer with Care More to walk around NYC and provide care packages with needed toiletries  to the homeless. They also gave people the option to earn tickets through digital advocacy and other means. I felt this was an AMAZING alternate to buying tickets, which also just further proved how dope Afropunk is. From what I read, this initiative got thousands out in the city, volunteering, making a difference. Meanwhile for the folks who decided to just buy the ticket, they were supporting the continuation of this amazing, dope, multicultural event.

The Performers

SO I don’t know if you’ve looked at the list of performers for this year, but I’m super super super excited for this years line-up. First of all Ice Cube !! (Ice Cube brings out my inner thug and I’m overly excited to rock out with him. Beside’s him though, the headlining, line-up are performers who appeal to all different type of audiences, which is the point.
I’ve also been introduced to so many artist through Afropunk and appreciate it more for that.

There are 3 stages. Red, Gold, and Green. Gold being the smaller stage, hosting mostly
DJ’s I believe,
Red being the medium stage hosting known but not big acts, and Green being the bigger stage which are for the bigger acts.

I don’t think they release the schedule prior to the day or few days prior, so it’s a little hard to pre-plan which acts you want to see and in what order, but there is an app for it and most people from my experience, plan their festival day through that.
(as seen below I don’t play games, I get close. SZA, Lion Babe, Kelis)

The Vendors

The vendors at the festival might be my favorite part of the Festival. Again everything FullSizeRender.jpgdown to the vendors and food was about appreciating different cultures and small businesses and learning (and free samples lol). They always have multiple jewelry tables, different types of clothing, soaps, natural hair products, natural body products, make-ups, etc. The food is orgasmic (some do accept cards, but some don’t so cash  is a must) Latin food, Thai food, Italian food, BBQ, etc. There’s more than 25 trucks at the festival each day. The artwork!  man, last year there was a photographer giving people black and white headshots for free, lots of graffiti artist doing live pieces while performances are happening, and so much more. Honestly the hardest part of all of this is deciding what you can buy to eat that wont get you too full so you can keep eating, or what you can buy that you’ll have room to hold for the remainder of the day.

All in all Afro-Punk is about having a great time. Not caring, vibing out to music, MEETING NEW PEOPLE, appreciating people, learning music, helping out your community, giving things chances, (and finding parking). With that said. Enjoy your Festival season, and I hope to see you at Afropunk ending it off, especially because this will be my last event in America before the move 😥


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