Nomad Rule #3

set up as much as you can pre-trip.

Whether that be transportation to and from the airport, excursions, shows, reservations, etc.

  1. It save’s you time (giving you more time to enjoy your vacation)
  2. Will save you money (paying for things ahead of time will allow you to calculate a budget for spending money that can be used just for that purpose)
  3. You can form a partial itinerary (provide order to your trip)

I constantly get asked what’s a good amount to bring on trips for spending money. That’s a difficult question to answer because each location has different expenses and DEPENDING on how well you pre-planned the trip, you may have to dip into your funds to pay for things while on the trip. I say match how much you spent on the trip, take in consideration influxes or deals, and consider where you’re going.
So for example if flight+hotel was $500, bring “$500”, but if you’re going to Vegas and like to gamble or buy bottles change that to $700, if you’re going to Atlanta just to eat and low-key party bring $300.  (Obviously these numbers are extremely subjective, and made up but I hope you get the point.)

Rule of thumb is typically $50-$75 per day. I say, know yourself, know your spending habits, and know what expenses you’ll have that you haven’t pre-paid for. Depending on the trip I always feel like having $500 cash is a nice middle ground. If you don’t use that much great, if you need more than have it reserved on your card.

With all that being said… Don’t forget to call all of your banks and let them know about your travel plans;  you do not want to be in Miami trying to ball-out and that card comes back declined because of “suspicious activity”. If going oversea’s check in with your banks to find out which ATM’s/Bank’s are in that country that are affiliated with yours to avoid steep fees. Also ask what the foreign interest rate is, cause that’ll be the killer..

… and if you’re going on vacation with a group… KNOW YOUR GROUP… don’t be that broke friend who has to “pay everyone back” cause the way your account is set up..


Look into HiFX , they’re great for making quick and easy international money transfers. They’re quicker than most international transfers and work with tons of currencies. (this is better for people who do long international trips, or are living internationally)

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