Fight or Flight

Fight or flight, the most basic human physiological reactions. When faced with a difficult situation or you feel in a panic or possible harm or possible anxiety. You will either fight to over come it or run from it.

Not ashamed to say I’m a flyer… well a little 

It’s a pretty punk move on my part.. but I’ve had some great adventure’s running from my own issues.

I feel too tense, I feel too anxious, I find an out… Relationships, jobs, friends, life decisions; I either book a flight, or go to an event, or change positions, or spend a day frolicking around not attending to my real shit. This thinking is probably half of what prompted my decision to go away to school overseas. I don’t recommend this be everyone’s remedy all the time, AT ALL, but if you need a break, take one and enjoy it thoroughly, then take care of YOUR shit.  (little secret, mental health day’s are a real thing, take off and use it to your advantage!)

It’s a personal flaw, I know myself, and it can be horrible. But when the anxiety and stress is too high, I just don’t want to deal with it, I’d rather accept what has happened/is happening  and move the heck on. Don’t cry over spilled milk, why fight to put the liquid back in the glass, just flight and buy a new jug. (again i know my thinking is flawed).

With that said, happy booking

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