Las Vegas 16′

Stayed: Hard Rock Hotel and Casino                         Duration: 5 days(do not stay for 4+days)
When:   Memorial Weekend late May-June            Good For: Fun (whatever vices you have)

So Vegas is another trip that I did repeat offend, but sticking to my rules, the first time I went was for my 21st birthday and was a random weekend, my friend and I had an itinerary of specific things we wanted to do and accomplish. This time I went for memorial week (close to my 25th birthday) and went strictly for the MDW parties and had a different list of excursions. Again this trip was very different from my first one, and I will most likely not do a whole post about my previous trip but rather the itinerary we followed.

The Stay

Previously I had stayed at the MGM Grand (which I thoroughly enjoyed), this trip I stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino . The Hard Rock isn’t directly on the strip, but right behind it located centrally. I stayed in the HRH city view suite, so that included 2 rooms, one bedroom with 2 beds, the bathroom with shower tub and toilet room, and the living room area with a side bar. It was a beautiful suite, stay there, seriously, stay there. For a trip like this with just girls, the space was definitely needed and amazing. I didn’t have a problem with the fact that the hotel wasn’t directly on the strip; MGM was directly on the strip and still was pretty far down the strip. (point being, you’re going to have to walk or take cabs to certain places regardless of where you stay so for me that wasn’t an issue). The Hard Rock is also the hotel that houses “Rehab Beach Club

The Food

There are more food and alcohol places in Las Vegas especially the strip, than I could do justice for in a paragraph. They have such a variety between higher end restaurants and the run of the mill in-and-out burgers. Although you’ll be sure to find the well known places people tend to look for such as Fat Tuesdays, Fat Burger (why is everything fat come to think of it?), Rainforest Cafe, McCormick and Schmidt, etc. There are so many less commercial places that are similar in product but possibly better in quality so try new things. While there I got breakfast at Mr. Lucky’s 24-7 diner in the Hard Rock, Omelet House,  $2 tacos from DJ’s Tacos in downtown Las Vegas, Chinese/Mexican food from ChinaPoblano in the Cosmopolitan hotel, lobster rolls and mac and cheese from Lobsterme in Planet Hollywood hotel, and then scattered drinks and bites along the way.

Club Scene

Where to start… well I guess I’ll break it up by day and event.
Saturday: Daytime, Trey Songz at Drais BeachClub – Trey is a great performer and ladies his flirtation is on 100% you think he’s singing directly to you. A few celebs were there it was pretty packed, but a really good time.
Nighttime, Tiesto at Hakkasann. – as normal Tiesto is a great EDM DJ, I’m pretty sure everyone there was on coke, and that this woman was trying to pimp out my friends.
Sunday: Daytime, Flo Ridah at Palms Pool. I don’t really care for Flo Ridah, honestly I was there just for the party, but he did bring out O.T Genasis, Too Short, and Flava Flav *rolls eyes*
Nighttime, 50 cent and Jeremiah at Drias NightClub. Best night ever, I was directly in front of the stage, I’m a long time 50Cent fan so I was ecstatic (on the inside tho, I couldn’t let my inner groupie come out in public). Jeremiah delivered just as well and brought out that Natalie La Rose girl he sings “Somebody” with. Trey and O.T Genisis came out as well.
Monday: Daytime, Vanderpump Rules cast at Rehab. The route on how to get into Rehab is stupid, but it’s a great layout inside great decor. It was a good mix of a crowd. The first DJ sucked, but the one after was great.
Nighttime, DJ Khalded at Marquee. The Marquee, like Drais, at night is HUGE. They still have their outside “beach” portion open, and then the inside. I’m not a big fan of the layout though. Theres a main dancefloor by the stage, and another one (kind of) between the inside and outside. Otherwise it’s get in where you fit in. My advice? Get a table/ join someone at a table.

Tuesday:  Spent the day gambling in old Las Vegas or “Downtown” and drinking at Fat Tuesday.
Wednesday: Went to the Grand Canyon, then went back to Fat Tuesday and to gamble lol

Don’t look at these above two days and think oh you guys only went out 3 of the 5 days… we went out during the day and night each of those 3 days. Do you know how nearly impossible that is? And this wasn’t just a oh you guys are going to dance take a nap then go back out, these were bottle service each event, dancing/swimming or both, in 100+ weather.. so I hand it to us for even being able to function back to back the way we did. Granted this was the same for the 100’s of other people there for MDW, but unless you’ve experienced it, 3 days is MORE THAN ENOUGH. Either way, our “two days of rest” weren’t even that. They were instead site seeing, tons of walking, even higher climates, and all still with drinks.


I’m a movie buff, and when I first came to Vegas I was expecting something completely different than what I saw. According to Sister Act and National Lampoons Vegas Vacation, Vegas was LIT (as in light not as in party), and hotels closer together, what I saw was skyscrapers and a big highway separating sides. Anyway, I chalked it up to times change; but my best friend actually brought to my attention that it’s still there it’s just not where we stay. With that said, we headed to Downtown Vegas Fremont Street. Such a good experience. About a $25 cab ride from the new strip, but its worth the travel. They have great inexpensive food down their strip, offer zip-lining or “zoom-lining”, old casinos that have the best minimums, Casino waitresses who actually take your drink order and keep coming back, and a different kind of fun strip entertainment as well as nice/cheaper souvenir shops.

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Okay so we closed out our trip with a Grand Canyon Tour. There are so many tours, so I guess depending on what you want choose by that, but from my understanding and what I saw they all offer similar things. I chose ours because it was a half day trip so we weren’t spending the whole day out there. They picked us up at 6am, dropped back off around 5pm. The tour included the Grand Canyon and a short detour to the Hoover Dam. They also give you the option of buying a package that includes breakfast and lunch. I highly recommend getting that one. Out of all the tours I went with Comedy On Deck Tours. Jody was our guide and she was great. I got the deal through Groupon, so check that out first !

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