Nomad Festival #4: The Roots Picnic

IT’S JUNE !!!! which means (at least for us east coast people), festivals! And I decided to kick off my festival season by attending The Roots Picnic. This was my first time attending the Picnic, despite me living in Philadelphia for four years. Roots-Picnic-2016-Lineup-Poster

I went mainly because, why the hell not. I was watching this interview with Shonda Rhimes (the creator of Greys Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, Scandal, etc.) and she was talking about her personal year of Yes (she actually wrote a book about it) anyway I’ve decided to apply that to my last summer before school abroad, therefore ROOTS why the heck not. For the first time, in their 9 year stint, they’ve added a New York 2-day event, but I won’t be here in October so Philadelphia it was. But if you missed the Philadelphia show you have another chance in New York


Another reason I couldn’t resist, is LOOK AT THAT LINE UP !!. like for the price you can’t beat seeing all of those acts.
I would of loved to have seen Swizz Beats, Migos, Metro Boomin, and Everyday People but either I had already seen them perform or their timing interfered with another performance. But I did see…
Khelani – who did a great job, despite her recent very public ordeal. There seemed to be a sadness to her, or that could just be because of her song selection lol.
DMX– one of the top reasons I was even excited to go. How can you  not get excited for a classic old head with hits on hits. He might still be doing drugs though, he was a bit eccentric but good job regardless.
Kaytranada– So I don’t know who did the stupid schedule, but Kaytranada was scheduled for 7:45pm and Future for 8 -_-.. anyway *roll eyes* I went to Future because I wanted a good place in the crowd. anyway with that being said… I missed the majority of Kaytranada being at the Future stage.. but that only lasted about 15minutes so I was able to go back and enjoy him :).
Leon Bridges– Heard of him before this, but honestly never gave him a listen. Not for nothing, waiting for Future they forced us to listen to his set on the big screen, and I’m happy they did. He was spunky and refreshing. I liked his sound, it was different, and he was a good entertainer.
Future– *roll eyes harder* .. to see Future wasn’t the ONLY reason I went to this festival, and thank goodness.. those who did were extremely pissed off.. I was just upset I missed part of Kaytranada’s set for this.. Short story shorter, Future’s mic cut off about 15minutes into his set TWICE, and after the second time he walked off.. granted I’m sure it wasn’t his fault it happen, but he did nothing to try to rectify the situation or keep it going or talk to us etc. It was just like “okay forget this.. walk off”
Usher & The RootsAMAZING, ORGASMIC, BRILLIANT. OBVIOUSLY the closing act and they were just a great performance. Usher has hits for days and The Roots have the musical gifts from above. So together it was a performance that went together gracefully. It was about a 2 hour set (very long), but well worth the aching back and feet. If they went on tour together I would buy ticket exclusively for it. A great way to end my night.

Don’t have me lie. I’m not sure how much regular tickets were, I want to say around $120 maybe, I paid $99 for the “POWER99” tickets that only came in 2+. For a festival that’s a good price, and for the act’s they had I think it was a great price. This being my first year going, and never really checking for it in the past, I have no idea if this price is typical of the event but I believe it’s a good move.


WATER !! they have a water stand that has like 6 spouts for water. FREE. Now this is something all festivals need to get hip to. You’re standing in the ranging sun for hours, drinking alcohol, dancing, dehydrated, and the vendors are selling like $10 bottles of water. This station was a life saver. I saw this girl legit collapse right by the stand and just hosed her down a bit. (thank goodness for the water stand)

Otherwise, honestly, their vendors sucked. They had maybe 3 different food trucks and 2 beverage vendors. Within the 3 food ones, one was ice cream, one cheesesteaks, and one regular food (chicken tenders, fries, hamburgers, cheesteakrs.) People tend to look forward to the food vendors at festivals, I do and typically they’re great. Afropunk  does a great job of this !, but that’s my only real complaint with this festival, and it’s not even that real lol.

look at all this beautiful melanin I found 

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