The Pride parade is a celebration of the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community and their supporters. Not only is this parade just for celebration, but also can serve as a demonstration for legal rights, and bringing to light the issues within the community. I’ve been going to the parade for 7 years now, since 09′. In 2009 my bi-sexual friend asked if I’d be interested in going to the parade, at that time I was heterosexual but had always been a supporter of the community and wanted nothing more but to be included in the celebration of their love. That first real experience in the city was life-changing. We caught the end tail of the parade and went straight to the pier. There were hundreds of people flooding the streets, there was loud music, there was liquor, there was love, and you felt it. To this day I’ve never experienced the same feeling I had that night. 


As people, in general, I do think more times than not, we tend to live life only part of the way we want to. Whether it be not eating what we’d like to, or dressing how we’d like to, or being in our career of choice, or dating who we want to all to satisfy some sort of societal norm. At the Pride parade NONE OF THAT MATTERS; and that’s what drew me and continues to draw me to it. Regardless of sexual orientation it’s a place to be you and to feel free. I take pride in going and I get moved by seeing those who are proud to be their true selves, to themselves and the world. I get emotional when they show full families and marriages that are forming or have formed. The community has gone through so much pain (a reason this parade had even started), that to be able to be apart of that growth is amazing and thrilling.  481903_10151284812550299_1399439236_n.jpg

That’s why in wake of the Orlando Shooting,
I am so deeply saddened. It amazes me how people can make something so beautiful into something so mortifying. I shouldn’t have to be afraid to show my pride or to celebrate your pride. The whole purpose of this event is to display how regardless of what society may want the LGBT ( or LGBTQIA: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex, and Asexual) will continue to preserver and advance in their rights.

This year I wont be going to the festival, not because I’m scared (although I am) but because I’m going to another festival during the day. The kicker is I WANT to celebrate with the community that night, but I’m honestly terrified to, and it sucks that that’s exactly what these american terrorist want. They want us to be afraid to celebrate 427527_10151284813050299_1267585343_n.jpgand support the community. Regardless of all this hate, There’s a million reasons why you SHOULD go to the parade, and here are simply a few. 

  1. A “dress code” doesn’t exist, wear what you
    want or wear nothing at all, your choice.
  2. Meet new, exciting, and liberating people.
  3.  Free Condoms and Lubrication
  4. It’s like a block party the length of the city. 
  5. So much liquor, bars along the way are selling booze, but get a nutcracker its the NY way. (yes you wont know if in that Patron Pineapple Daisy is really Patron or Pineapple lol but it will get you drunk)
  6. It’s educational; there’s so much info that they pass out about rights & sex. 
  7. LOVEisLOVE and it’s so intoxicating and contagious you’ll have no choice but to be happy and maybe find love. (or a hook-up)



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