Phuket/ Bangkok 15′


If we couldn’t see the sun rising off the shore of Thailand, would you ride then?

Stayed: AirBnb in Phuket                                                    Duration: 10 days
When:   Memorial Weekend                                               Good For: Groups/ romantic getaways

I got invited on a trip to paradise, who’d say no to that? A good friend of mine let me know that him and some friends were going to Thailand during memorial weekend 2015 and asked if I’d be interested in coming. FUCK YES. There are things in life you don’t say no to, and paradise is one of them. With that being planned 10 of us headed down separately to Phuket…


The Stay
In Phuket, we stayed at a Villa that the guys found on Airbnb. The house was one of the most beautiful properties I’ve ever seen. 5 bedrooms, 2 pools (1 with a smaller dipping area), each room had a full private bathroom including whirlpool, standing shower, and 2 sinks, full kitchen with all silverware pans and plates needed. The rooms upstairs had balconies and the it was overall a glass house. I fell so deep in love. The living room had a semi-wrap around couch (that by the way is an extremely comfortable place to knock-out on when pissy drunk). Area-wise there wasn’t much directly around us, there were a few markets, and 7-11’s (yes 7-11’s) everything else was about a 20min ride away.
In Bangkok we stayed at Le Meridien. It was also about 15minutes from the club scene and 30minutes from the famous Buddhist Temple’s. The suite we had, had a balcony, 2 bedrooms, walk-in closet, full kitchen and nice common room space. The beds were EXTREMELY comfortable. There was a bar in the hotel, a 7-11 (yes with the 7-11’s again) at the edge of the hotel and a starbucks.

The Food

Thai food heaven. The food was cheap, fresh, and flavorful. So many food trucks along the street, selling everything from pineapple fried rice with duck, to deep fried crab on a stick, stir fry and sooooooo much more. Legit got to the point where, we went on a food truck strip to pick up dinner and just bought something from every single truck that we past. The food was also so lightly made, that you could easily eat 5 plates of food and not feel bloated or anything. (keep in mind though, that authentic thai food goes RIGHT THROUGH YOU, so don’t go eating a bunch and then head to the club lol


The Club Scene
Generally it was pretty difficult to find a liquor store out there, or good liquor where we would find liquor stores. There was some brand of scotch that we found often and it was strong and good and inexpensive. So that was our liquor of choice often to pre-game.
 In Phuket Oh how I miss Patong Beach and the infamous Bangla Road <3. Patong Beach was a very touristy area (so if you’re looking to stay near a bunch of other tourist and bars its a good spot). Bangla road is a strip in Patong Beach that has a few shops, some restaurants, and tons of bars and clubs. Pro is that most of the club’s have promoters on the strips offering free entry and other incentives to get people in the clubs, So you don’t have to worry about wasting your time in which one to go into because more likely than not it’ll be free. Don’t hate me, but we bounced around A LOT and I don’t remember exactly what the bars and clubs were called that we went into. But if you go to the strip you’re bound to try most of them. I do remember Seductive Club, I think we went there twice actually. It was tons of fun, the music was top 40 mostly, drinks/ bottle service wasn’t too expensive from what I remember and the crowd was very mixed. I remember having lots of fun and being very drunk. The bars might have been the best parts tho. There were always tons of girls dancing on top of the bar (mostly just to attract people in, and to advertise themselves for the night). The girls were cute and fun and interactive and always wanted to play games to win free drinks (which obviously always included buying drinks.)

In Bangkok we only really had one full night of going out, but that was probably one of the drunkest, funnest, night’s I’ve ever had. After going to a bar, and pre-gaming way harder than we needed to, we headed straight to one of their “red light districts” called Soi Cowboy. In red light district fashion, Soi Cowboy was a strip full of girls girls girls. Girls on the street, girls hanging outside of clubs, and then girls inside the “clubs”. All the clubs on this strip were strip clubs. (At this point the whole crew had dissipated so it was only a few of us.) Anyone who know’s me KNOWS BRITTANY LOVES STRIP CLUBS, so I was excited, but it didn’t take long to realize that these weren’t like the strip clubs at home. These strip clubs were basically music playing, girls standing about, kind of modeling their naked bodies. They were propositioning themselves to be bought for the night. The strippers/prostitutes were really nice (they’re not into girls) but very ‘friendly’ nonetheless. I almost got into a fight with the bouncers at one club. Apparently they don’t like females in the clubs because they think it takes away from the money the men will spend on the strippers. This is dumb simply because I will pay them myself, but yeah that caused an argument and I ended up leaving the last place. Post that, we were going to go to a nightclub, but drunkenness lead us right back to the hotel lol.


In Phuket there was so much to do. One of the first things we did was go to the  Big Buddha  (as seen below giving me the eye) it was placed atop a mountain along with another gold Buddha. At the time we went to see the temple there was a ceremony being held at the moment, and we were able to observe and sit in on it. We went to Elephant riding which was very fun; we didn’t go to a particular place, but there are plenty of places along the roads. Also while there got the dead skin on my feet eaten by those little carp fish, it was gross and ticklish, but i’m glad i did it and would do it again lol. Another must is going on a Phi Phi Islands tour.  We did a half day which was the perfect amount of time to me. The views were astonishing, the lunch buffet they provided was scrumptious, you got to scuba dive, swim, drink, meet people. DO IT.
In Bangkok an extremely famous Temple is the Wat Phra Kaew. It’s regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand, the Emerald Buddha is housed there and is a potent religio-political symbol of Thai society… and can you keep a secret?… I had the worst hangover in my life when I got there.. so bad that I may have “taken care of the hangover” while I was in the Temple and then went about the time like nothing happen. You’re not allowed to have shoulders showing so they offer you shirts that you can borrow. AFTER relieving myself, I was able to fully enjoy the beauties that the temple had to offer. It seemed like everything was made of gold and was precious. The colors were vibrant and you get an overwhelming feeling, because there’s so much to see. Definitely a must do if your’e in Bangkok if you do nothing at all, but I highly suggest not being hungover.


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