East Coast Beaches: AC,OC, VB, MB

Living on the East Coast is such a mash up of big city and beach towns. For example when you think of New York City what picture comes to mind first? Concrete streets and tall skyscrapers right? People rarely think of the beaches, or even acknowledge that NY has beaches. Little secret.. New York City and Long Island are peninsula’s! Granted where beaches are in New York it’s mostly residential areas so theres not the hugest downpour of people migrating to our beaches. But with that misconception out the way lets look at near-by go-to beach towns that travelers do flock to for staycations, and that I’ve had the pleasure of swimming at.

Atlantic City, New Jersey

I’ve been to Atlantic City (AC) more times than I’d like to admit. Yes it’s a little journey from NY, but from my undergraduate school in Philadelphia it was a very easy 30min drive or $10 rail ride. I can probably vouch for every aspect of the AC experience. AC is very much the mini east coast Vegas. My favorite hotel by far is the Borgata for comfort and indoor pool; they were home to Mixx club and MurMur but they’ve both been closed since. The Borgata is also one of the most expensive for a standard room. Harrahs was always the funnest to stay at, moreso because the “Pool After Dark” was one of like 2 hip-hop club at that time there so a younger crowd tended to stay there. Although those are the hotels I mostly stayed at, the hotels off the boardwalk were great, mostly because they were all so close together which made it easy to go between hotel clubs, casinos and bars. There are also tons of activities on the actual boardwalk. I feel like AC is one of the oldest boardwalks so they stand true to traditional activities, such as Mini golf (lots of it), speed racing, an arcade, and of course lots of gambling.  The boardwalk is pretty long, but the major part of it where the attractions and hotels are is pretty short. Some people do opt to stay a bit further down the strip because it’s less expensive, I never have, but that’s always an option for quick fun.

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Ocean City, Maryland

I’ve only been to Ocean City once, but it was a great time. Just to give you some perspective, I stayed at 84th street, the major club there is on 45th street, and the Boardwalk starts at like 10th street. These may seem very far from each other (and they kind of are) but thankfully they do have a bus that runs up and down the coastal highway that cost $3 for the whole day and runs pretty frequently (like every 5minutes). But for the more bougie there are taxis, but they’re pretty expensive  (about $25 to go 2 miles). The crowd out there is pretty mixed which I like and the main club is Seacrets. First night there go to Seacrets, when in doubt go to Seacrets, when the place you went flopped go to Seacrets. We did go to other places (that I can’t remember) but they were all an older crowd and appealed to such. Seacrets is huge, and has man different parts of it. Honestly theres about 4 clubs in one. A DJ’d in-door club area (playing top 40), an outdoor live band, a chill bar area by the water, and a hooded area who’s DJ played mostly 70’s/80’s music which was great. Regardless of where you go there’s a cover everywhere (as to be expected) so have cash and have fun. I honestly didn’t spend much time on the boardwalk, I went there twice and went to the bar Hammerheads. Food-wise, we had to do it the Maryland way and went to On The Bay Seafood and had the best crabs and seafood on the strip.

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Virginia Beach, Virginia

I went to Virginia Beach (VB) twice. One time with a crew of like 15, the second time it was to visit my friend in the Navy. So needless to say I had two completely different trips. Both a great time though. I spent most of my time on the boardwalk the first time I went to Virginia Beach, which was great because there’s actually a lot to do on the boardwalk. In all actuality, Virginia Beach might have one of the most extensive boardwalks I’ve seen. It’s very long and full. Every other store is either a souvenir shop, tattoo/piercing parlors, restaurant/bar, and scattered clubs. We also ended up going to a side spot to jet ski which is always fun, and as anywhere else they also offer parasailing. There’s also ton of action on the boardwalk, whether it be musicians, people with exotic pets to take pictures with etc., so obviously it caters to tourist, but thats what you are and that’s what you want, to be entertained lol so enjoy. The time I went with my friend in the navy I actually never made it down to the beach, we mostly went to events in town and to the mall, it was a much quieter and calm VB experience. .

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

In Myrtle’s Beach we stayed at Breakers Resort. It was cozy and they offered some fun activities for it’s guest. Honestly most of our time there was a fun blurr. We drove through the boardwalk/ strip area, it seemed like good tourist fun but  we didn’t indulge in it. We spent most of our time at Broadway at the Beach. There they had almost everything you’d need, shops, restaurants and bars, attractions, and clubs for the nightlife. During the day this is the perfect place to eat, drink, have fun and get lost (literally we got lost). During the night this is the perfect place to party and club hop. I don’t believe most places had a cover, which made it easier to hop around. I highly recommend checking that area out for daytime and nighttime entertainment.

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