Nomad Festival #6: One Music Fest

As stated in my Staycation post, festivals/concerts are great excuses to get away and to turn an event into a mini vacation. I did just that with the One Music Festival. This amazing line-up popped up on my Instagram feed, and I couldn’t pass it up. Rule of thumb, if you love even 5 artist in a festival line-up GO, in this case I loved like 10. So I screenshotted the ad sent it to my two best friends and from there the planning commenced. It was pretty, looked up flights vs. driving, hotels, and boom.


What started out as 3 of us ended up becoming a 6 people road trip to Georgia. I with my cousin drove from NY to Philly, picked up a person then went from Philly to DC, got the rest of the crew and went on our way. We rented an SVU which fit us all comfortably, and stayed at the Hilton Atlanta. The hotel was in a great location, right up the block from Peachtree Street so within walking distance to most bars/restaurants/clubs. We got 2 connecting rooms with 2 beds each, which actually was perfect. Although close to Peachtree, it was a bit more touristy than we wanted. After not liking the crowd we found at a club off Peachtree we headed down to Buckhead, which was a strip a bars back to back. Apparently it’s where the college crowd goes and that was extremely evident. (But where there is a college crowd is cheap drinks and dancing). We found ourselves going to Dreams Gentlemen’s Club, which was actually kind of trash while we were there, but in it’s defense we went pretty early in the night. We also went towards the old fourth ward to go to clubs on Edgewood Avenue. There we stayed most of the night at Erosol aka Department Store, which was a good place great music just super crowded. If you do go to Edgewood Ave. make sure to get some pizza from “The Home of The King Slices”.

The actual festival was great. We opted to buy seated tickets so that we could be closer to the stage and have a seat if needed, they were a little more than lawn tickets but I definitely think they were worth it, also I believe getting them helped make it easier to get (sneak) into the pit right in front. As with most festivals there were different stages and areas, but the park was pretty big and accommodating. The concession stand was in a neutral area and they had a bouncy house !!  (i love bouncy houses). All of the artist were enthusiastic and energetic and fun, I loved the energy the crowd gave. The only artist who disappointed was Lauryn Hill, but after seeing her at  AfroPunk that was to be expected. Would I go back? sure. I had a great time, but as you guys know I like trying different things. So if it’s old vs. new, new wins.


The actual road trip down? it was pretty smooth. It was 4 girls and 2 guys, so we had the dudes drive the whole way. Didn’t make many stops, we had Ledo’s pizza and water for part of the drive, then when we got closer probably around North/South Carolina we got some food and beer to keep us going. We alternated with paying for gas and called it a day… I should probably make a Road Trip etiquette post huh?



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