Amsterdam 16′

Stayed: Hostel Princess                                                        Duration: 3 nights
When: Mid-February                                                           Good For: PARTYING

From Paris, we took a 08:30am bus to Amsterdam. 8 hours later, we were there.

The Stay
We stayed in a hostel by the Vondelparkad area. It seemed pretty residential (the creep in me watched the family who lived across the street eat dinner together every single night); but at the same time there were hotels within short walking distance and then the tourist strips just a few step from those as well. This was my first stay in a hostel, and we got a private room so I can’t really account for a true and true hostel experience where you have a bed sharing a room with like 8 other people. Our private room was extremely small though, and we did have to share a shower/bathroom with the floor. One morning woke up to throw up all in the shower, so that was pretty gross. But despite all that our location and accommodations were fine. We we’re about a 15minute walk from some of the clubs and bars and restaurant area, maybe another 10min from there to the red light district and from there another 10minutes to tourist hits like the Anne Frank House, etc.

The Food
This could be just my experience of the area we were in but because it was so touristy I feel
like most of the food presented was basic things. Pizza, burgers, fries, gyros, shawarmas, etc. and specialty resultants catering to a type of food. What tended to be a go to were shawarma, they were IMG_4588amazing and because you could get them at literally every corner inexpensive.
Now when people think of Amsterdam, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is either the red light district or weed. So when I got there I was confused on why I didn’t see weed places. My friend kept telling me she saw so many “Coffeeshop’s” and I kept thinking I’m not looking for coffee lol… long behold.. coffeeshop’s WERE indeed the weed
shops. On regular streets looking like coffeeshops as shown to the left. That one is a bit spunkier than other, legit the others look like a Saxby with wi-fi and all. I hope you can see the bottom left picture well but that’s a menu from one place. You can get pre-made joints from 4-22e or buy it by the grams.

While in Amsterdam I did have Absinthe for the first time. This bachelor party of guys basically dared us to take shots of it, so they ordered a round and we took em. Did I see green fairies? no. Did I get extremely drunk? idk, I did have about 3 shots before that so I can’t give it all the credit. Did it burn going down? HELL YES. Would I take it again? Yes.


The Club Scene
We went on the Ultimate Party Pub-crawl by accident… and it was probably the best decision we made the whole trip. So we were enticed into a bar with free drink vouchers an discounted shots. While sitting there, a group of loud partiers came in taking shots out of a bottle having fun. So long story short they said “20euros 6 bars”.. who could resist. The deal included entry into 6bars, a beer per bar, those mixed shots of vodka, i think access to clubs, a t-shirt, drink specials, and other little shit. Granted It may not seem like a lot but you have to keep in mind they kept pouring those mixed shots even between bars, and you were probably getting more than 1 free beer per bar. Let me say this, we had a great time but I have to thank half of it to the crowd we were with. By the last 2 bars people were dropping like flies, being banned from going into other bars, and losing their friends. so it did it’s job.

Aside from the Bar Crawl we did clubs too. We were suppose to doSugar Factory our first night there but got sidetracked by the amazing pub crawl. We ended up going there the next night instead. Unfortunately because the bar crawl look over we missed Techo Tuesday’s which was in the bigger club area but instead came for the Night Shift party in a more intimate separate part of the club. We ended up getting invited to the back with the DJ’s and stuff which for me was actually fun. There was different music playing in the back and there was a one way mirror, there weren’t a ton of peopel in the back but the ones who were, were just dancing hanging around. To finish off Amsterdam we went to Club Paradiso. First of all it is a great space, second of all that’s probably because it use to be a church, which third of all made it a bit creepy. Paradiso so we learned use to be a church that they turned into a club at night and during the daytime was kind of a general performance hall. Beers were cheap, people were fun, music was mixed top 40 US and some Netherlands hits in there. We met this really cool girl and her people. The smoking room at that club was in what looked like the choir room. Beware for some reason their tradition is throwing their empty drink cups on the floor (no matter what level they’re standing on) and not all heroes wear capes, this one dude was cleaning behind the whole club all night

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So I know this photograph to the left is crappy but this is the only picture I was able to get of the Red Light District moreso because photography is strictly forbidden while on the strip. So unless ya’ll wanted me to end up in Amsterdam jail for taking pictures of prostitutes this was the best I could do. But yes, it’s as speculated and as it looks in movies. Women naked in doorways, if you’re interested you can enter them. They do have live sex shows that I believed costed around 50euros to see. Something I found out while there that I didn’t know existed was the Blue Light District. It’s the Red Light District but of men. it’s much much smaller and are only in the alley ways between the Red Light District from what I remember.

We wanted to do the tour of the Anne Frank Huis, but the tickets were sold out months in advance and the line to wait on was ridiculously long. So unfortunately we didn’t get to experience it. To my surprise and delight we came across  The Cheese Museum which was directly across the street from the Anne Frank Huis. I love cheese, I can have cheese all day, and this was cheese heaven. It’s only 2 small floors. First floor you can sample every single type of cheese they have and any type of jams, the second floor had a little history lesson and photo opts.


The Heineken Experience which I highly recommend is worth the 16euros it cost to experience it. Naturally you get a tour around the brewery, you get to taste the natural ingredients (which I mean aren’t the best tasting so do at your own risk). You get 2 vouchers for beers, and get a free tasting of another type of beer. They have a lot of fun interactive games and photo opts, and music areas, so they really make it an experience worthwhile.


Next stop Berlin….

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