Berlin 16′


Stay: Air BnB
Duration: 3 days 
When:   Late February              
Good For: Techno Heads

Berlin Berlin Berlin. The last stop on my Valentine’s Week Europe trip. I had a good time in Berlin but by the time we got there, we were running on no sleep and 6 days of straight partying. So needless to say, a girl was exhausted. BUT I experience the nightlife, the food, and the tourist stuff. So enough to write to you guys about, but not enough to give an honest opinion of how much I loved or hated it.

Left Amsterdam at 7:10am got to Berlin 7.5hours later


The Stay

So we stayed at an airbnb in the Friedrichshain area very close to the Warschauer Strasse S-Bahn train station. The airbnb was extremely spacious and in a good area. There were tons of food places down the place, restaurants and bars up the block. We were also within walking distance from the train station and from the a cluster of fun bars.

The Food

Thankfully the food in Berlin was very inexpensive. I say thankfully because at this point we were poor, but that’ll be further explained in the next post. But again turkish food was very popular and common there. So lots of gyros and shawarma’s, they also had a lot of different ethnicities foods. For example one night I got Thai food to go, but like packaged in a box, made express like chinese food for about 5euros. What is known to Germany though are their Bratwurst or “sausages”. I love sausage so I had to try one, but I decided to try the kind native to Berlin Currywurst… I hated it lol, it’s sausage cut up and seasoned with curry and a ketchup/tomato sauce. I say try it, you may like it, but I don’t think I want curry on my sausages. Otherwise another thing native to Germany is their beer! so while there you must try their native beers, good and crisp and strong.

The Club Scene

IMG_4598So the club scene in Berlin is ridiculous. Like you know all those cheesy european themed movies where people go to like some dungeon or abandon warehouse looking place or go through tunnels and BOOM a club just a appears.. well I’m pretty sure Berlin was one of those places it was based off of. There’s one club in particular thats the most popular there named Berghain. It opens I believe Friday night and closed Monday morning. No theres no open and close in the middle those are the hours. From what we were told the best time to go is at 7am and this club is the hardest to get into, people have stayed in line for hours just to get turned away for no reason (seriously google it). So the plan was to do just that.. but longer story shorter we didn’t make it.  But from the stories we were told about it that’s definitely a place I feel like anyone going to      Berlin should go to just to say they had experienced it. Another
p.jpgwell known club that we actually did get the pleasure of going to was Tresor. Now I’ve done a lot of clubs, all over the world and I’ve never experienced a club like Tresor. I felt like I was in some type of tunnel in Wonderland or something. I kept going through and finding new tunnels or different places and new levels and different stair cases, and they have a million nooks and crannies for you to be able to hide in etc. Everyone is drunk/high mostly both and everyone just wants to vibe. It was a good time. I wish this stupid blog let me upload video because I have footage of inside. whatevs… We ended up going to another club our last night there, but I couldn’t hang. You try being an active partier and tourist for 8 days straight then see how well you hang. But yeah I stood on the line, I got in, I stayed probably a total of 10minutes then I had to go, I can’t remember the name of the place seemed fun, a lot of people were there, seemed to be at least 2 different rooms but my mind was zombie then.

IMG_4607We started each of our nights at this like bar area near the train, I forget what it’s called but it had this one bar Crack Bellmer Bar that was consistently fun. Each time we met new people, each time we ended up getting free drinks (thanks DJ and girl) But it’s a fun place. Mixed crowd of tourist and locals alike, three rooms, one for dancing another for games (I totally won foozball) and the other for smoking. Another bar in that area we tried was Emma Pea but it wasn’t that that great, better crowd at Bellmer.


We tried to do another walking tour but couldn’t find them. Legit ended in at this abandoned building. The building fascinated me, but I have a fascination for abandoned buildings sooo lol don’t pay me much mind. Anyway…IMG_4614

So ended up doing a tour of our own, looking for the things we wanted to see. For me that was mainly just the Berlin Wall. Right off the train we automatically saw the Fernsehturm de Berlin which is a television tower and Berlins tallest building, so pretty hard to miss.

We began walking down Unter den Linden a popular historical avenue bathing the road to the Brandenburger Tor (gate). On this walk we came across tons of souvenir shops and historical book stores etc., bear thats had pieces of history painted on them and went into one museum. Tranenpalast – (Palace of Tears), a free museum that explains the divide in Germany during WW2, and goes into that effects of the war worldwide. I enjoyed it, it was informative and a good pit stop on our way to the gate. Once at Brandenburger Tor I was honestly confused. Probably very ignorant of me, but I expected a wall lol, I expected the Berlin Wall to still have some fragments still intact, like for historical purposes at least, but I understand why it wouldn’t. This gate, to my understanding, ended up being the last standing part of the wall that they keep intact. Quite beautiful and a powerful sight. What was even more powerful were the bears all around the city, The bears which have become a symbol of Berlin represent the Coat of Arms. On these bears are drawn different things that also represent Germany. I saw some that had different flags on them representing unity, most with pictures depicting how Germany is now or how it was in the past, the war and special events. 


On the 4th morning, took a flight from Berlin back to Geneva to go back to the USA 🙂





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