How I traveled Europe on a Budget

Give or take a few bucks my friend and I had a cumulative amount of probably $900 to spend. 10days to spend it, 4 countries to visit 3 of which we were going to be staying in, being tourist at, and partying with. Before I get into how we deciphered what we spent the money on, the first typical questions of the trip were,

How many days can I scrap together to get off of work? So I used my typically techniques and maximized the days I already was given. That gave us the number 10days..

How did we come up with our locations? We discussed which countries we want to visit mutually and which one of them would be the easiest to hop between, and which would be the most cost efficient to fly into or start at. With that we came up with meeting in Geneva, Switzerland – Paris, FranceAmsterdam, NetherlandsBerlin, Germany.europe-map.gif

How did we come up with that budget? Unintentionally that’s how. We never said “okay this is the amount we’re gonna have for the trip”, a series of events left that being our budget.

How we made it work

  1. Fortunately we had  pre-planned , most of our modes of transportation and some of the hotel stays were taken care of ahead of  time. We took {Ouibus} between Geneva to Paris, {FlixBus} between Paris to Amsterdam, and Amsterdam to Berlin, then I flew with {EasyJet} back to Geneva. We caught a great deal with the bus tickets, the flixbus tickets we got were on sale for 10euros each. The hotel in Paris was 119euros for 2nights, the hostel in Amsterdam was 100euros for 3 nights, and I don’t remember the cost for the airbnb in Berlin for 3 nights.
  2. Capitalize on free things the city offers. We ended up spending full days in each place and I feel like we got the most out of every single day. We took FREE walking tours as often as we could find them. Experienced museums and famous tourist locations that had optional cost options. Google is thy friend, look-up what the city you’re going to has to offer.
  3. Go to where the locals go. You’re in a new location you  want to eat, drink, party, etc. If you look things up 8 times out of 10 you’re going to end up in places they tell tourist to go, or you’re looking at reviews from tourist. And no matter where you are tourist spots mean $$$$. So talk to the locals, they’ll tell you where you can get a 4 paris-line.jpgcourse meal for under $20 or where to get cheap shots or which bar has dive bar prices but lounge bar appeal. We spoke to everyone, we weighed our options we looked at expenses and went from there.
  4. Learn your locations public transportation routes and prices. Uber is
    available everywhere, so yeah taxi’s and ubers are always going to be an option. But just because you’re unfamiliar with the area don’t pay $20 to get from point A to B when it could of been a simple 1 stop journey for $2. So that’s what we did. GET A MAP. Thank goodness for my friend because she was amazing with maps and directions, between her and us just asking people we got around primarily through train and buses and mostly for free.
  5. Pre-Game. Now this is where you have to put your priorities in order. We had to decided what we wanted to do the remainder of the trip, and we put the money aside for that. Then it came down to drinking and eating… our priorities for this trips purpose was drinking! So with that being said, we made sure to buy liquor as needed to pre-game for our nights out to save on spending money at the bar, and bought pretty cheap meals. Good meals, like it wasn’t just Ramen every single night (well not till the very end), but like local fast food type meals. But their “fast food” was like $5 Thai food (i’ll take their fast food anytime)

And by cutting all of those corners and just being social (and being a girl helps), you make it through pretty well. Our last day we may have had exactly 12euros left, and I believe we got beers with it and made dinner at our airbnb. So all in all it worked out great and turned out to be an amazing trip without breaking the bank.

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