2 years in 2 suitcase

this sh!t sucks…

okay … I know what you’re going to say. Shouldn’t I be an expert at packing seeing as though I wrote a whole blog piece about it “packing 101“. Well be that as it may this is like Packing 203.. as in packing for 2 years with less than 3 suitcases. Really 2 suitcases and a carry on. Not only that the 2 suitcases need to be less than 50lbs 🙂 ohhhhh happpyyyy day.

This is hard and frustrating and annoying. First I’m like what’s the weather there? (a smooth 55-85 year round) This should make it easier to pack right? mostly light stuff.. but no. How do you decide how many party dresses, formal dresses, casual dresses, skirts, work slacks, pants, shorts, short shorts, t-shirts, blouses, long sleeve shirts, solid tanks and solid t’s, cardigans, vest, boots flats, heels, sandals, booties, uggs, ETC. ETC. ETC. and thats not even accessories. BRUH let me just say it doesn’t get easy.

Everyone’s first bit of suggestive advice is “can’t you mail it to yourself?” yes, but that’s not a smart option. between fee’s and crap you’re better off buying new things over where you’re moving.

Whatever, so it’s the day before I’m moving and ask me if i’m satisfied with my packing or what I did. NOT. AT. ALL.

One suitcase is half long sleeve shirts a quarter pants, a quarter shoes, and hair products. Another bigger suitcase, a mix of short sleeve shirts, dresses (all sorts), and gym clothes. A carry-on, half shoes, underwear, swimwear, hair tools, some make-up. And a tote-like purse, that had electronics like my mini stereo and computer, and jewelry.

So before I left my house I weighed my bags (something i  never do, but in this case it’s totally necessary) I actually ended up being over in one bag by 13lbs. That’s a lot lol.. so with some unpacking I shaved off about 8lbs which is a miracle but i was still 5lbs over.

Listening to friends and family who said just fuck it go smile at the people and they’ll PROBABLY let you go….. let me tell you. I was 9kg over *rolls eyes* and had to pay $15 per kg with Norwegian.

1. I’m american i dont even know what a kg converts to

2. $15 PER IT ?!!

3. I honestly would have just unpacked and gave my fam some shit but at this point i went through a lot waiting on long lines and couldn’t be bothered doing it all over again. So I bit the bullet. came out to fuckin $130 over. yeah.. bite me…

In Stockholm (Swiss airlines) didn’t charge me an overage, but in Zurich Vueling airline did charge me 25euros over but that wasn’t too bad. ANYWAY.. moral of the story is this was probably the fuckin hardest thing for me to do, and I probably will never want to do this again. And if i’m faced in a position where I have to.. it’ll probably be more calculated to be honest lol. Have clear things I need for x amount of time and have bags in waiting to be brought by friends.. cause real talk.. fuck this whole process …

My Advice for anyone who may have to do this: leave it behind. I understand needing to bring certain things that you’re afraid the new location may not have. BUT there’s probably a ton of things that you can get that you won’t need to bring, like body scrubs, soup, toothpaste, contact solution, blah blah blah.. you get it. 

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