Zurich, Switzerland 16′

Stayed: by Central Station                                     Duration: 3 nights
When: Beginning of September                           Good For: a little bit for everyone

So if you’ve read my blog then you’d know I’m moving to Spain, so between my trip to Spain from the US I stopped over in Zurich where one of my best friends temporary lives. I didn’t stay for a very long time, I came for 3 nights. I took an overnight flight from NY to Zurich and got there in the afternoon, enough time to lug my whole life in suitcases to my friends place, take a nap and get ready for the club.

The Stay

I stayed at my friend apartment near central station. It was right next to the river Limmat, and within walking distance to a bunch of sight seeing attractions. Otherwise with public transit everything was basically one- two stops away. Two stops from the airport and one stop from the clubs. Taxi’s are everywhere but they’re very expensive there. I’d only recommend taking a taxi there if 1. you’re tired 2. in a “fuck it” mood 3. have a bunch of stuff 4. its very late. Otherwise just take the trains,
they’re cheap, fast, and comfortable.
The people in Zurich all seemed very nice and welcoming, I appreciated that most of them spoke english. and have it noted that its a triple cheek kiss not a 2. Dead foreigner give away.

The Food

I honestly don’t think I had any native Swiss food.I actually don’t know what native Swiss food is. I did have an amazing burger at the club though, the meat was fresh and their seasoning was great. Otherwise the only native Swiss edibles I’ve had are their beer and their
chocolate. I like their beer, if you know me I’m a beer person, and even their “piss” beer is pretty potent. And indian food is great.


The Club Scene

First night, we first went to some club (I’ll input the name when I remember). I liked it there, was chill, good energy and fun lighting, music was good. What I found interesting was that they had a whole separate drug room. Like most places have smoke rooms or areas, thats common, but a drug room I thought was pretty cool if you’re into that. It was kind of psychedelic, dim lighting with florescent lights beaming. We didn’t stay there long, my friend ran into people she knew and we went to another club “Hive”. I liked the Hive, it had a few levels. Bottom level was pretty dark with beaming lights coming in and out, and had a large dance floor. The upper floor had more florecesant lights, and a smaller dance room; but also had a lounge area with zebra swings which I probably had more fun than my adultness should of. This night it wasn’t that packed which was great, it had just the right about of breathing room I’d like.  Met some cool people. Left the Hive around 8:30/9am Saturday morning. Went back to my friends apartment, went to sleep, then woke up to do it all again. Saturday afternoon we went by river Limmat to see it, get some food and chill, but there ended up being basically a “Farewell summer” party. Pretty dope of a time. Lots of people, beer was about 7CHF alcoholic ice pops were 4.50CHF. That night we went back to the Hive because there was a DJ playing that my friend had really liked. Apparently Saturday is the bigger party night and people really liked the DJ sets that night so the wait was insane, at least 2hours.

To me dance/techno/ trance/ etc. etc.  all sounds the same, yeah I can tell the variations but still the same; there’s thumping and hard basses and thats that, I can deal with it here and there, I even like it on occasion,  but I wouldn’t want to party to that every day at all, I couldn’t. They love that shit though, so much in fact that some of their clubs stay open from Friday-Monday without closing, and as you guessed it people will stay. After the two hour wait to get inside, as you can assume the inside was packed, like hot, sweaty, tight packed. After about 3hours (not including the 2 on line) I was ready to leave. What was hilarious to me though was that the next night Sunday, on our way to a different club Supermarket, we either saw people we had seen the night before just leaving or still dancing strong . If you ever doubted the effects of drugs, Zurich will make you a believer in their powers. I did enjoy the clubs, and loved the people energy, all races all ages going strong.

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I honestly didn’t get to explore and see as much of Switzerland as I wanted/intended to. But I did see some beautiful sites and have the pictures to show it. I wanted to go into the mountains but I wasn’t able to go up like intended, but I was able to partially get a nice view of them. As I aimlessly wondered around Zurich I bumped into a BierGarden which was nice, they had live music, it was right on the river, beers ranged from 5-8CHF and the people seemed to just be very relaxed and enjoying it. They had a cobble road filled with stores and restaurants, very much a touristy paradise. I would like to go back and see more of the country, and being less than a 2hour flight away I’m not worried I won’t. For now I’m satisfied.

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