My first week as a resident of Spain

**you should skim this and look for what you actually care about hearing about.  Seriously lol, I went very into detail and none of it really matters, unless you’re curious.**

I’ve been getting a lot of  questions about my move and living here so here’s basically everything. 

So I’ve told you guys Why I Moved, now I’ll go into what I actually set up before getting here and what I had to do upon arrival. Maybe this’ll help other students coming over.

Probably the biggest things that helped with my transition before and during are 1. City Life Barcelona and 2. Google. Most of the questions I had about traveling, things to do, how to meet people, housing, phones, banks, etc. City Life helped with. Granted I did find a lot of semi-answers to my questions by spending hours on google, but for EVERYTHING I needed to be in one spot it was like heaven sent.

I moved in ! YAY lol a bit tired and flustered from the trip to Zurich and all of my suitcases, but I made it. Rested for a little then went to the bank. Prior to coming here City Life  helped me set up a youth bank account at a bank that spoke both english and spanish and didn’t have the fee’s attached to many other accounts in other banks. So I went to the branch to sign some documents, change over my money and finally get my card and account info.

From city life I also knew of a dancing event they hosted, so I went to that it was fun, but it was moreso for beginners to learn how to dance salsa and bachata.  I met a few exchange students they were nice the lessons were great to start off, but I was a bit more advanced in dancing than them so eventually and 2 drinks later I left.

I went on a free walking tour through Hostel Culture, there are a bunch of them, I enjoyed this tour though. My tour guides name was Dani and she’s in circus school/training, so entertaining to say the least. She was very informative and the tour was educational, I think it was a pretty short area toured though, Barcelona as a whole is pretty big and the tour pretty much centered El Gotic and ended close to Barceloneta in Las Rumblas (this probably means nothing to people never been here). For tourist it’s great though, not far from the docks around 2 hours, and you get tips for things in the area.

Coolest thing, some high school friends were in town, we got together and went out to a club out here. We ended up going to Pacha and Opium night clubs (if you’re familiar with Pacha in NY its not the same AT ALL). The club was fun, the clubs in La Barceloneta are all next to each other which is easy, and there’s ton of people outside trying to give you free passes before 2am, which is great, but it’s a very touristic, fun for a night or so with friends but not somewhere I”d probably want to party at all the time.

In the Morning I headed to the City Life office to try and get things situated. They gave me a free phone sim card and set it up, went over my bank account set up, ensured I had housing, etc. etc.

I spent the afternoon getting lost on purpose

I had joined an Au Pair site in early spring. Babysitting or being an Au Pair is very popular in Europe. Most families want their children to be fluent in English so Americans (or better yet British) people are high in demand. I had met a few families through there and one I had been FaceTiming with the past few months so it was time to meet them in person. Long meeting short I loved the family and the little girls I’ll be babysitting were pretty dope, they speak Spanish and Catalan and are learning English.

I spent majority of the day getting lost. It was amazing, I was learning the area, learning the transportation systems, learning how to get home from different locations, etc. The town is beautiful, the people are beautiful, the food and liquor is cheap, I loved it.

Nighttime I wanted to find a non-tourist thing to do/ place, meet locals or at least people staying here longer than 2weeks- a month. I wanted to meet more like-minded people, and more locals who I can possibly build acquaintances with. Somehow via FaceBook I found a social gathering. Best thing I ever went to. I met a lot of people, a lot more people from the states than intended but lots from elsewhere as well, I loved it.

I had no plans to do anything… 🙂 .. that didn’t last.

I was able to escape the morning without having anything to do, but I got invited to go to a bar (with locals-ish thank goodness) so I went and it was also a great time. Met even more people, went to the club quarter in Las Ramblas. A lot of people but definitely better than the clubs in La Barceloneta in regards to tourist. I did leave early though because of an early flight.

Went to Amsterdam for a festival. I will be writing another post for it.

Stayed. In. Bed.

🙂 the end.

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