My First Week as A Student in Spain

I understand you guys love me or just are making conversation. Buttttt not for nothing starting grad school is stressful enough besides it being in another country and in another language and having people ask you about it every single day just makes it more stressful.

So here’s a short F.A.Q’s 🙂

How are you adapting to being back in school after your break working?
It’s actually not that big of an adjustment. I’ve always liked school, and learning so I feel right back in my element. I hate sitting at a desk everyday so I’m actually excited about this change.

Are all of your classes in Spanish? How does that work, are you following class okay?
All of my classes right now are actually in Spanish. The actual lectures are in Spanish, but most of the graphs and literature are in english.  Yes, that makes it a bit more challenging but it’s not horrible. I can follow along with the classes pretty well. Sometimes I do get lost but I’m typically usually able to either pick back up on it or refer back to the lectures and translate.

How’s the diversity of your program? How many people are in your program?
My program is not very big at all, MAYBE around 40 people mas o menos. The class is actually very diverse. I’d  say about half of the students are international, but all specifically from either central or south Latin America. I am one of 2 students from the U.S.A. The other a guy from P.A, who has studied Spanish his life so yeah I am the only person with the disadvantage lol. Luckily everyone is very nice and has been very helpful and genuine which I completely appreciate.

How does school there differ from school in America?
Everything. Well at least this program. I think.

  1. For this program, there is one cohort, so I go to every single class with the same exact people.
  2. Because of #1, there isn’t any flexibility with the times and locations of my classes. Per class there’s a specific day and time that is pre-determined by the school. So you get no say so in what times your classes are. So that kind of makes it impossible to have a job as well because with school you don’t know what class or time you’ll have free.
  3. My school schedule changes weekly. More or less it’s Mon-Thurs 3pm-7:30pm, but sporadically there are some days that I’ll have class 9am-1:30pm.
  4. To add to #3, the courses also can change monthly. For example there are some courses I have weekly for the course of the semester. But there are also some courses I have for example this month in October that I don’t have in November and vice-versa.
  5. They freakin LOVE group work. Like all of my classes are basically cut in half and the other half is just for group work in the classroom. Or “lets get in a circle and fuckin talk”.  20% of the grade. yeah..

Otherwise I think that’s pretty much it. If I remember something later or you have more questions, add it in a comment and I’ll add them. 


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