Travel Excuses

I’ve been having quite a few conversations with people about traveling lately. And this isn’t uncommon I speak about travel daily. But the conversations have been mostly about reasons or excuses as to why people can’t travel. What really struck my nerve was when I read a person post something (as quoted to the left.)

The person who posted that has a large social following and a lot of people agreed with his sentiments. Well i STRONGLY don’t. I think people have enough idiotic ideas about why they can’t or shouldn’t travel to then have someone who people perceive as having good insight tell them they should then wait. What is WAIT? lets dissect this for a second.

  • Wait until you’re in a position to do it: whats the ‘right’ position suppose to be? By this I assume he meant financial. But I don’t agree; I don’t think you need to be financial stable with a full-time job to go on vacation. GRANTED I’m not condoning living beyond your means just to travel. But evaluate. Look at what your money income does look like, what expenses you can cut back on and what trips you may be able to afford. (i.e. you can get a RT flight and hotel in places in Puerto Rico for $400, or vegas for $600 or the Caribbean for even cheaper depending on the time of year and when you book) In college I was unemployed my senior year and collecting unemployment, I had bills to pay, but my friends and I wanted to go to Cancun, so did I scrape up the $1200 for the trip yes, and I was rather comfortable.) Point being, don’t let finances being low make you feel like you can’t travel.
  • The right why: I never thought there was any other reason needed to travel beside “I want to go” … and that’s it lol. Point and case. You don’t need any other reason to travel beside, you want to. I honestly don’t know what a “right” why (or reason) could be. Some people have this idea that traveling is only for either people who have money or if there’s an occasion, and thats far from true.  Travel for leisure, because you need a break, because you want to see new sights, because you’ve saved up and deserve it.
  • With the right person: Solo trips/vacations are some of the best experiences a person can have. Self-discovery, meeting new people, etc. Sometimes going on vacation with people/person can hinder what you really want to do. If you’re by yourself at least you can explore an do things the way you like. Even if you do go with people, they don’t have to be the “right” people. Go because it’s a trip. On my Thailand trip, I knew 3 people out of the 10 of us who went. And even out of those 3 people I wouldn’t even know how to categorize if they were the “right people”. It was a trip presented to me and I went. So many people have asked to travel with me. I don’t know half of them that well, but I wouldn’t mind because it’s a growing and learning experience in both what you see, what you do and who you meet. So yeah I’m not buying this reason either.

So this brings me to other conversation’s I’ve been having. I’ve had a few different conversations about coming to Europe from America, with Americans. And some have this mindset of “Europe is so far”, “Europe is so expensive”, and this is why they don’t want to come. I have to then let them know,

  1. It can take the same amount of time to get to certain places in Europe as it takes to get to places in California.
  2. Depending on the time you book/ where you go, it can cost the same amount to travel to Europe as it can to travel somewhere in the US/Caribbean.

Bottom line STOP MAKING EXCUSES. I pretty sure I can combat any excuse as to why you cannot come to Europe or travel outside of the North-Eastern hemisphere.  Be better, do better. I previously worked as a case-manager. Which is very stressful, very intense, and very low-paying. But I traveled every 3 months, while supporting myself in a NY apartment. People always asked why or how and I’ve explained how to maximize your days off and a bit about budgeting abroad. I understand there are some extreme cases, and it’s not as easy as I make it out to be. But my suggestion is simply, TRAVEL, make sure it’s within your means and you’re happy to experience something new. Take all doubts out of your mind, and stop making excuses as to why you cant and more about why you can. With that mindset you’ll be great.

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