FOMO abroad

*pats self on back*… I did not go out 2 nights last weekend

We’re all familiar with FOMO correct? Fear-Of-Missing-Out?
Well if you’re not basically it’s a sense of anxiety or social pressure that comes on because you feel like something exciting or interesting may possibly happen or is currently happening, often aroused by posts seen on a social media websites.

Back in NY, at least my last year there, I grew out of FOMO. I was over the constant partying thing, I didn’t feel the need to be around everyone all the time, and I physically couldn’t bounce back fully after a full night out. Anyway that’s significantly changed now that I’m in Barcelona.

Granted everything still applies; cant bounce back like I once could, I am over partying all the time, but I now DO feel the need to be around everyone all the time. This city is great, and there is always amazing things going on; I literally feel guilty when I don’t participate. And I’m also new to the city, so when I have new people trying to reach out, be friendly, and invite me to explore this amazing new world I can’t help but say yes. EACH AND EVERY TIME

Luckily though, the people I’ve been meeting with have a variety of interest that don’t solely involved waking up with a wicked hangover, and it’s allowed me to experience some  great things.

But there´s a lot on my plate between my crazy disorganized graduate program in spanish, trying to keep my sanity, actually enjoying this experience i´ve be afforded, trying to figure out how I will afford this experience next year, not wanting to drop-out, keeping up with family and friends who have helped me get here, entertain guess visiting, and traveling this semi-new to me continent… It can literally be the only thing sometime´s that brings me back down to reality, lets me decant and makes me happy… so I suppose not all FOMO is bad

Pero, thats why I haven´t written in awhile… but not to fret.. many things are coming.

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  1. bdwhite says:

    Whooo, child! Sounds like u got a lot going on

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    1. an overwhelming lot, yes girl yes lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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