6 months in.. 

So this piece is basically a follow up to Why Im Moving to Spain and My first week in Spain. The first piece were my thoughts 6 months before going in, the second was once I arrived, and if you haven’t gotten the drift of things yet I’ll be continuing in 6 month intervals. 

So, biggest question asked, do you plan to stay after school. 

And simple answer is I don’t know. Literally my answer to that question changes by the week.

– Sometimes it’s “YES! definitely if I can find a job at least with a entry level American salary.” The cost of living in barcelona is extremely low so in turn so are their salaries. Most people don’t drive and rent their apartments and don’t have thousands in student debt. So making more than €1,000 a month is you doing okay here. And although that may be true, this American still has Sallie Mae on her back and I have to consider that when my salary here a month may match what I owe a month back home. 

-Other times it’s “YES, in Europe but maybe not Barcelona or Spain for that matter” 

I like it here I do, but enough to leave my life behind in the states I’m not completely sure. 

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