Ibiza 17′

Stayed:  Santa Eulalia                                       Duration: 4 days.
When: July 28th – Aug 1                                    Good For: Parties.. Parties… Drugs

Close your eyes and imagine.. Las Vegas.. now put it on an island with nothing but drugs… thats Ibiza.
Now Ibiza was beautiful and a trip for the books… but would i go again? I honestly do not know. I may, but i know what to expect and I’d probably try to do it differently.

The Stay

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-12 at 11.20.33 AM (1)I stayed in Santa Eulalia area at Hostal Santa Eulalia . The hotel was cozy and the area was gorgeous, a little town 20minutes up the coast from Ibiza Town. Let me note I didn’t plan on staying there, honestly the planning of this trip was very last minute and I sort of ended up there, otherwise there was a 300+ upcharge to stay in the city center.

Next time, IF there is every a next time, I would probably plan earlier or with more people and stay in the center. Although only a 20min cab the trip could cost between 20-30eur one way; and if you were looking to save money the bus is only 4eur one way but about an hour and can have odd times.

The Food

You dont eat in Ibiza.. next.

…. no but serious I had odd meals, mostly consisting of over-priced pizza. I think they were really good though, but I could of just been drunk and hungry.

The Club Scene

oooo yay the fun part ! WhatsApp Image 2017-09-12 at 11.20.47 AM (1)As you could imagine Ibiza has a lot of clubs, mega-clubs even. There’s a very popular strip “Ctra. Platja d’en Bossa” that is home to many clubs such as the Hard Rock Cafe, Ushuaia, Hi, Space, etc. at the end of that strip is another strip “Carre de la Murtra” that is home to Swag and a few other bars. Then a bit further into the island in all different directions you can find Privilege, Amnesia and Pacha.

First night I got there I wanted to go to Privilege, 1 because I had heard good things about it, & it was hip-hop night so like why not. But we actually had a hook-up for Swag which was another hip-hop club and opted to go there. It was cool at first but the power on the block kept cutting off and eventually it just shut down. We ended up going to the bar next door (couldn’t tell you the name if I tried). It was pretty fun, the place is open 24/7 had hookah, drinks, food etc. Very fun.

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-12 at 11.20.45 AM (1)Next day, after waking up at a camp site in (i think) the Sant Antoni area of the island (which is very OUT OF THE WAY, by the way), we got dressed and ready for the ANTS day party at Ushuaia Ibiza Open Air Club. That was.. fucking insane. After that day party we had a hook-up to go to Hï Ibiza to see Black Coffee, a famous South African deep house DJ who incorporates drums and other instruments into his sets. First of all, Hï is probably one of the most amazing clubs I have ever been in. From what I remember it had 2 different dance rooms of large sizes, and 2 different outside areas. One outside area that  had teepees, and the other outside area that had electronic tree’s and bungalow chairs. Then the bathrooms had DJs in them as well, I’m almost certain people stayed in the bathroom to continue partying. I literally felt like I was in adult Wonderland. Amazing club, ihighly recommend you must party at  while there, also if you’re able to see Black Coffee somewhere definietly do it, he sells out in Barcelona.

Day fuckin 3. Day 3 was a long day. Lets just say I did not get much sleep and for the time I was awake I was not very productive. Anywho, first club I went to was Swag again with a friend to see how it compared to the day before when the lights were out, but this particular night was reggaeton night, and my friend wasn’t feeling it. I had another friend at Pacha to see Solomun (another pretty big name in the electronic/ house world. So I went to Pacha. I’ve been to Pacha NYC, Dubai, Barcelona, and now Ibiza, I’m always critical. But I liked it. It seemed really big but I was also very intoxicated. The set was a great set, even my hip-hop head friend loved it. Outside of the main stage area of the club where Solomun played, there was a smaller “sub-club” area that seemed to play top40 and reggaeton. The smoking area connected the two.

Day 4. I’m over over over everything lol. I want sleep, I want to not spend money I want a break… and what do we do? go to another day party at Ushuaia BUT this was David Guetta. I’m way more of an EDM fan than electronic. I like beats and words. So we go to that and it’s even crazier than on day 2, and the crowd was for sure different. Not much to say other than the crowd was amazing, the DJs were amazing, the energy was great and I had a really good time.

By that night, we decided to go to Swag AGAIN (not my decision lol), to give it a last


chance. It was better.. but not good, the DJ sucked, he played okay songs but his transitioning was non-exsistent, and the lengths in which he played some songs were blah. Not to mention the name of the night was “WE LOVE BLACK MUSIC”… thats problematic for a whole slew of reasons, but this isn’t a think piece so yeah..

Keep in mind Ibiza does not cater to Urban music, so if that is your preference, this is not the place for you. You may find it at Privilege on Fridays and Swag on any day I suppose, but that’s about it. 

WhatsApp Image 2017-09-12 at 11.20.30 AM

Ibiza is … CRAZY … I had an amazing time.. too good of a time. But I dont think I’m built to go back. You know that song “I took a Pill in Ibiza”, he says “i took a pill in Ibiza to show Avicii I was cool, and when I finally got sober felt ten years younger but fuck it it was something to do.” well lets say that songs means something completely different to me now. Ibiza is quite literally, drugs, alcohol to take drugs, day parties, drugs, night parties that do not end until morning, and sex. Go and partake at your own risk. I was simple a bystander to a lottt of sheeeeeet.

Screen Shot 2017-09-09 at 6.00.21 PM

oh yeah, while there i SAVED A GIRLS LIFE !! forreal! … just in case you though i exaggerated about how real it gets. This girl was passed out on a chair then a floor, no friends, weird guys “trying to help”. I literally had to use her fingerprint to unlock her phone to call her friends and the hospital.


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