Nice 17′

Stayed: Old Town (Vieille Ville)
Duration: 2 full days
Good For: solo trip/ romantic get away
When: Early september/Labor Day weekend                

img_0585I went to Nice to join some friends on their Euro tour. I went half a day early so spent a bit of time getting familiar with the are, and taking in the sites. Not much more, generally I think it’s a beautiful place, if you’re active, I think 3 full days is well enough time to see around. What I thought was interesting was the heavy (obvious) Italian influence. I came to learn that Nice was once apart of an Italian Kingdom (before 1861), and then eventually given (or taken by force) to France. Anywho, this influence is completely apparent, between the food, the language, city design, and all that jazz.

The Stay:
We stayed in Old City which is along the French Riviera. I stayed on the block “Rue Barillerie”. The location was amazing, a straight shot from the main strip that runs through Nice. I took a bus straight from in front of the airport to a few streets before the block. I was also very centrally located by the “Cours Saleya” or “Open Air Market”. In the old town are resturants, bars, some and a lot of small landmarks, as well as the beach.

I think this location was pretty central to all main things you’d want to see. They also have a bus and tram system that seem to work pretty proficiently if you wanted to go into the other part of Nice. I enjoyed my time in Nice, I think its a nice place to see, and quite romantic. It reminds me of a much tamer Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico trip 1) (Puerto Rico trip 2). Beautiful landmarks, nice beach, very few places to “turn up”, and lots of restaurants. I’m glad I went, I enjoyed myself, but I wouldn’t go again. (very much a been there, seen that type of place and definietly no need to be there longer than 3 days)

The Food:

The Italian and French have a food baby and Nice is it. Tons of pasta based resturants, tons of macaroons, and Panini sandwiches stuffed with ham and chicken. While there I tried their “classic” Socca which is basically a crepe made from chickpea. I’m not a sardines fan or of olives, so I didn’t try it, but the Pissaladiere is a pizza that has all of these things ontop of it and is a classic of the area. Otherwise I ate a bocadilla (lots of them), pizza, and croissants. Oh yes and bought a piece of Nougat for 18eur … dont ask.. but apparently Nougat is a big deal there.

Only thing I regret in Nice is going out to eat more (well at all really).

The Club Scene:
img_0615There isn’t much of a club scene but rather  bar one. The bars along the water, to me at least, seemed to have a much younger crowd. Over by the water I went to Waka bar, drinks were normal price I suppose but you could get cheaper deals away from the water.

Wayne’s Bar and King’s Bar seemed to be the funnest of the bars and luckily for everyone they are directly next to each other on “Rue Prefectures” so you can decide which you prefer. Crowds seemed to be a bit older over there and a bit frathouse-like but fun.

I swam along the French Riviera saw the Bay of Pigs, went inside the Cathedrale Sainte-Reparate, the market along Marche aux Fleurs Cours Saleya (which had amazzzzing things to offer), hiked up Castle Hill (which has no Castle ontop), and did a free-walking tour that showed all important places in the old city. Sorry I’m not being more enthusiastic, it was a fast trip in between 2 other events and I  literally felt like I came and went but am content with it.

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