Dublin 17′

Stayed:  Parkwest / Clondalkin                  Duration: a 3 day trip turned into 5 days
When:      Mid October                                 Good For: solo/group trips, family friendly


Where to start. Well I had always been interested in going to Dublin, not pressingly but something I would have been happy to check off my list. I was ready for a short holiday, and with classes just commencing and me finally getting my work and living situation situated I thought I deserved a bit of a trip, especially because I had to give up Oktoberfest this year which really bummed me out. I had no expectations of Dublin besides a lot of drunken people day drinking. I had some precognition that the food may be shitty but the people would be really friendly and redhead. Well to my surprise, the food was actually realllllllly good and the people were indeed pretty jolly and there were a lot of redheads, also drinking throughout the day is very much a thing. The only thing I was surprised about was their liquor pour amounts. So much I had to ask about it, they can’t pour more than 33ml of liquor into a cocktail BY LAW. So drinks were less than strong to me. But I was also told this is why they drink all day lol.

There’s also not much diversity. Dublin is very.. well.. wyt (white). Like a Irish man came up to us and said he knew we weren’t from here because there aren’t many people of color, my waiter asked where I was from because they dont make people with my beautiful color out here. No issues though. Generally very friendly people and a lovely place

My trip turnt into a 5day trip, longer than planned for. There ended up being a Hurricane and most flights (more importantly, mine) was cancelled.

The Stay:

I airbnb’d it. Stayed a bit out of the city centre in an area called ParkWest. It was a direct shot to the city by train but the train stopped running early (about 11) and the buses only a little later (around midnight), and there was absolutely nothing else in the area. So although the neighborhood wasn’t horrible, and possibly a bit cheaper than staying in the center, I think it would of been more cost efficient and funner to have simply stayed in the center. Similar to my sentiments in Ibiza  (although Ibiza’s difference in price was by the hundred). Final conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend staying there, there are places similarly priced in the center, or a bit more but worth it. For the last two days I stayed in Clondalkin, another town a bit outside of the city, my sentiments remain the same .. stay in the city.

The Food

First thing I did when I touched down was get a beer… I’m in Dublin the home of Guinness, what else was I suppose to do? I got a Dublin IPA, which was great, then a Porterhouse pint. They offer the beers by pints and half pints.. but what I had to find out is you must request a half pint otherwise it’s assumed you want a pint. THE BEER – SO MANY OPTIONS (okay maybe just a lot of different options that I hadn’t had that are super regular for them here)  but I tried to try a new one every time I drank a pint. I’m a fan of German and Belgium beers, but the Irish beers and ports I’ve been having, there is steep competition.

First thing that caught my eye was a fish and chips place called SMS Chippers. While standing looking in at the door, literally 2 strangers passed and said it was the best fish and chips I would ever have .. so you guess it. I had some damn fish and chips lol . . and it quite possibly may have been the best I’ve had, at least in awhile.

IMG_0942I was looking for a good roast, and was directed to the Brazen Head,  I was excited about this because when I had came before it was just opening and I hadn’t gotten to eat or drink there. The hype is simply that it’s the oldest pub in Dublin.. but I think the hype was worth it. The food we had, which was Beef and Guinness stew and lamb stew was great, and I literally had my mouth watering watching all of the other food coming out.
Sidenote, I also had Indian food, which was actually pretty good, like really good.


The Club Scene

IMG_0896Night 1: Random as fuck. Started by hopping around a bit on George’s Quay (the street along the River) with intentions to go to O’ Reilly’s Bar. Finally we get to O’Reilly’s bar and that itself was a mission, a bit hidden from the main street, but once you get inside the nook and crannies you find yourself in what seems like a big frat party. I had a lot of fun there, the drinks were cheap, the people were fun. Left there and stumbled into a bar with live music, called Merchant’s Arch, another great place and I’m pretty sure I saw an argument between a sugarbaby and her old man.  After that we tried stumbling to find the infamous Temple Bar, at this point its damn near end of the night; trying to do that these two guys  invited us to go to an afrobeats party… why the heck not. So we went and I was so pleasantly surprised. Not that I doubted an afrobeats party would be fun, but theres pretty much NO COLOR in Dublin. But here was this small community having a party that apparently is only like twice a month and we got to go. Anywho, I had a good time. Very random night. Very successful night, besides not finding Temple Bar.

Night 2: On line to go to Diceys Garden and we get persuaded to leave that line and go to another clubed called Krystle. Krystle, is a hip hop club (i think the only one) and we were definietly targeted to try to pursue cause we’re black, but whatever we didn’t mind and tried it out.  It was okay, I’m sure later in the night it gets pretty lit, but at the time we went it was a bit empty and the music was just okay. 2.5 drinks later we went back to Dicey’s. I loved it, its good drunken fun. Karaoke songs (basically) that you belt out while spilling your drink and playing fake limbo with the strangers you just photobombed. loved it. We were meant to leave Diceys and go to Copper Jacks but yeah that didn’t end up happening. And after Dicey’s the night went quickly to shit. Between some guy trying to steal a bag, iPhones smashing, and taxi drivers who takes you to the police for a tab they could of settled themselves….


Night 3-4: Pretty shit. Didn’t do much, and then there was a Hurricane.

Night 5: I was bored, and alone, so I went against everything I talk about and went onIMG_0972 Tinder *rolls eyes*. Spoke to a few people, nothing extremely interesting. But met with a native Irish to go to a few bars and then I went to a drag show at The George the oldest gay and drag club in Dublin; even ran into some people I had met the first night in Dublin. It was great, I loved the set up of the bar/club, there was an amazing fun crowd (and this was a tuesday).  I recommend going for anyone going to Dublin.



Initially I had plans to drive cross-country Ireland to see the Cliffs of Moher, a very famous site in Ireland with incredible views such as this one to the right (not my photo), and is used in many films. The trip from coast-coast is only about a 3.5hour ride. So the plan was to rent a car and do a roadtrip, things didn’t go according to plan and I didn’t get to go,  but it’s on my bucket list to see at some point.

Otherwise I didn’t do much traditional sightseeing.

The first time I stopped through in Dublin (things to do during long layovers) I got a tour of the city and a bit of a history lesson from my cab driver, so I wasn’t as pressed this time around. Last time I came it was early  in the day and the Guinness factory was closed, so this time I was able to actually go into the factory and get the experience. I enjoyed it. It’s not a typical tour with a guide, but moreso the kind you walk through yourself. The storehouse was very informational and really big. On the tastings level they offer you a flight of 3 beers of your choice, and they put on a show I believe every hour or so. This show includes traditional dancing (as seen above) , and even some free tasting brews. Upstairs from that is a dining hall (with great smelling food), and the “Galaxy Bar” which has an amazing skyline few of the city.

I also  got to walk through the Phoenix Park, which apparently is the biggest park in Europe.



All in all, I think Dublin and Ireland for that matter, has a lot to offer for any type of person. Quite more than a few rough patches but I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a good time/ quick holiday. 

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