New Year, New Me?


A posting said “in 2018, we getting closer to God, traveling more, starting new careers, having healthy relationships, glowing skin, snatched waist. Just flourishing.” – I completely agree, and I’ve already started.. 

I’ve been inconsistent… again. I honestly wanted to do better, but what can I say.. life. And keeping up with a blog, regardless the content is hard work. There’s a vulnerability that goes into writing, sharing your thoughts, opinions, expressions, and essentially life with people, while also living it.

In any case… GUESS WHO RECENTLY GOT SOME FREE TIME????.. So I’m in at the 1.5year mark in my move to Barcelona and program, and with that I have a few months to kind of relax and just focus on writing my thesis and some self care. If you’ve followed my blog, and my journey you’ve watched me realize i need to bounce in my An Open Letter, Why I’m moving. slowly go insane from My first week as a resident of Spain , to 6 months in..  , to almost the year mark apologizing in LET ME EXPLAIN  , and here I am again.

So an update in my journey, if you care.

School going pretty well, this year is a lot less stressful than last year in terms of not feeling adequate or smart enough or fluent in Spanish enough and im confident in a successful ending. At times I still have doubts over if I am actually smart enough to be a scientist or if im faking it till I make it. But in the end I just want it to be over.

Career on that same thought, I’m ready to just start working again, in my field and make a difference in the world. Everyday I feel like I have so much I want to accomplish out there, and have so much to offer and feel like a sitting duck.
My work has changed this year, and although I’m happier with the change, it has not been as consistent as last year. So I’ve had a very rough start to my new year and have been on the highest of keys poor (like I can tell you how to make €5 stretch for over a week for food).
Thank God for good friends and Spain for cheap booze.

Life I think i’m doing life in an okay way. The truth is, and what I’ve been coming to terms with is, there is no standard rubric. I have friends at different places in their life, at all different ages, at all different locations. The most pressing thing in my mind currently is when im done and I do go into the work field do I

  1. want to stay abroad or go back home to the states and start my “real life”?
  2. use my current opportunity and position to get as much international experience as possible
  3. is #2 wasting my time in regards to finding a partner and starting a family?
    (yeah yeah, I know, i’m young, take my time blah blah … but its important for me and for a much longer conversation)

Lovebrings us to love life, which being overseas if you’ve read my post (Dating Abroad ) has been non-existent.
An Update to that – I’ve continued dating as usual, more last year than this year, but nothing promising and nothing semi important. Sometime’s I’m extremely lonely and sad, but other times I’m extremely good and don’t care as well.


Health I’m trying to get back in a gym and be more consistent. the stress from the past 2 years has definietly not helped in my yo yoing weight gain and loss, my mental stability, and my sleep deprivation or alcohol intake but in all honestly. RIGHT NOW, in this moment, over the past few months I truly feel like I’ve been finding myself and my kumbaya. Listening to myself, and my body and trying to give it what it needs.

Spiritually I’ve been going back to church more regularly which has been amazing, I found a home church here ICB, that i really feel connected to, and have even joined a young professional church group that meets weekly. I’ve been meditating daily before bed, and I truly believe it’s al been helping me understanding myself and listen better.

.. i think that covers most bases eh? 



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