Accra, Ghana 17’

Stayed: Friends home in East Legon     Duration: 10days
When: For Christmas holiday                 Good For: anything

I’m as tired of hearing the phrase “living your best life” as the next person, but I indeed was living my best life. I am absolutely obsessed with the city of Accra, it reminded me so much of the caribbean, I felt right at home.  Accra in itself is amazing and beautiful, but I also was overdue for a real holiday. I needed the time to not be stressed over things and to just enjoy myself. – and that’s what i did – all the 1000 of pictures you’ll see are of genuine careless happiness.



So anyway, how did I end up in Ghana? Well I’ve always wanted to explore Western Africa, having only been to Southern Africa, and long story short, I got a weak invitation (you know like one of those i’ll offer but i’m sure they wont accept) then asked for the flight as a gift (cause dont be fooled baby i’m broke) and dipped.
For that thanks Antoinette and Mommy.

The Stay

Location: I stayed in East Legon, Accra. Which is very close to the airport and the club area (Labone and Airport city), I’d say about an average of 20 minutes away without traffic (But there is always traffic.. ALWAYS). I liked the area it seemed to be a good distance away from most things, the mall, the cafe spot vida e caffe (where i actually have a member rewards card for), and all major roads were just up a few blocks up from the house. So, I’ve been asked a bit about safety, and generally I felt a sense of community, it seemed as though everyone knew everyone in the neighborhoods and walking through the blocks people were generally friendly. No matter the time of day or night I felt safe, and I dont think that’s just because I was with people from there, although I’m sure that helped. 
The People: wellllll… this I suppose depends on where you are. In a party setting, the men were nice, and expats were nice, the women from there tended to be a bit stush. In general the expats returning were great, men and women alike, meeting so many different people living in so many different places in their common home was really cool and cool to talk to or about their different experiences.

The Food



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I ate… a lot… a lot a lot. Like do you see this beautiful table in those above pictures? that thing was set every morning, afternoon, and night, with yummies.
Some of those yummies were…. kontomire stew (spinach sauce), fufu and palm nut soup, jollof, yam and garden egg stew, akple and okro soup, shito, curry goat… to name a few. I got the drunken munchies and got some kebabs and sausage across from the purple pub, the chicken baguette opposite tantra… and I learned shito goes on everything (although i’m not soley convinced it should).

The Club Scene



giphy3I’m not going to lie, I was kind of a wasteman on this trip (not my fault) but we literally went to the same bar almost every night. Like there’s no reason I knew the bouncers, and managers, and bartenders, and DJ by name. To be fair all the other clubs had specific dress codes and queues, etc. etc. and no one really wanted to deal with that. This rooftop bar, Blooms Bar @ SunCity, was actually a dope venue, great vibes, the drinks weren’t too pricey (a fishbowl cost between 65-85 cedis which is equivallent to about $14-$19), and good looking people. My second night in Ghana, I took a bet that I could get 5 strangers in the bar to allow me to sip their drink… I WON… but then every place we went after that, random guys would come up to me like

“hey, you drank my drink the other night…”

YUP… that was me.. the drink drinker.

In anycase, my first night there we attempted to go to Carbon , but the queue didn’t really move, it was hot as hell I was about to faint, and we were with a guy, which I’m sure made it a bit harder to move along with. (sorry boys, we may help you get in, but essentially you hurt us). That same night and another night, we went to Level8, which is a pretty nice lounge but they don’t have the crowd, at least not a party one. My last night in Accra we were meant to go to Twist, but after a chain of events and honestly just laziness on our parts we went back to Bloom. A big party that we went to was “Little Havana” an all white mixxy of all mixxy parties. Before midway through the party I saw, a guy I went to university with from Philly, 2 girls I met in Thailand 3 years prior, and a guy I knew from London this past summer. It was a lot of fun, huge plot of land, with a lot of people; but one you definietly needed to be wasted for. They replayed lots of the same music and ran out of water and juice early on, literally people were running on only liquor.

I’ve always liked afrobeats, but now I LOVE afrobeats. I’ve dated African people, I have friends who are African, so it wasn’t new to me, but this was the first time I’ve gone to parties where it was the center or majority of the music.. and I cant get enough. Like I’m itching for my next afrobeats party.

Snapchat: Smilieebritt


While there I thought I had done so much, and I had. But in retrospect there was SO MUCH I would of liked to have done that I didn’t, i barely scratched the surface. I’m an artsy historical fein, and I didn’t step foot in a museum. All that to say even with all the time I was there it wasn’t enough. Nonetheless I was still able to see a lot, and will just have to return to see more (Ghana&Nigeria 18/19′ speaking it into exsistence).



My friends family owns a farm not too far from their home, but a bit away from the city, an area called Ashiyie. The closer you get to this area, you just see bigger plots of land and more animals. It was a great day trip, my friends dad put me to fake work “for my experience” purposes, but I am 1000% sure he did it to provide little boy Joshua with laughter. I got a good picture holding the machete but the video shows how shit I actually was. I also fed the goats but I’m also positive the leader of the goats was eyeballing me lol, they weren’t here for my shit (maybe they smelt their cousin on my breathe, damn that curry goat, admittedly a poor choice). But the field had peppers, tomatoes, cassava, plantain, SUGARCANE, cabbage, goats, no more pigs, mangos, a home that I reserved a room in, and a lot of other things.



White Sands

So, white sands was a field trip. With traffic I believe it was about 3hours one way. But it was cool, I got to see the many sides of Accra, and greater Accra. Gave me time to get hip to all the music (pre all the parties)get meat pie and plantain chips off the road, and fake sleep. – The actual resort, cost 120 cedi’s (~$26/€22) to enter, and you got the beach and the pool and two restaurants. Everything there was perfectly placed with perfect accenting colors, just beautiful to be there and I could imagine being an instagram models dream.




Then there was Afrochella, I was hype for this, I just kept imagining Afropunk and Coachella in one (maybe not to that extent but I at the very least was thinking festival vibe). And it kind of was like that not really but maybe lol.. it reminded me of like a Summer Jam festival stage. Outfits were AMAZING for 1, most people had on either traditonal clothing and material or had little to nothing on, or a mix of both. Inside it was lined with food and drink vendors, then VIP tables, and then the stage. I ran into the same people I mentioned running into at Little Havana, so again.. mixxy. They had artist performing, but I didn’t know any of them.

There was a lot going on, and unfortunatly I dont think I got the full experience of the event, but from what I did see and experience it seemed really fun, again something you should probably go inebriated to. Definietly needs some fine tuning, but it was the first year so I’m sure it’ll continue to get better. IMG_1705.JPG



well you’ve reached the end.. I have nothing more, well I do but I’m tired of writing.

but I will add, my experience has lead me to believe..

Ghanaian Men > Nigerian Men

Ghanaian Jollof > Nigerian Jollof

I’m open to Nigerians trying to change my mind on either lol

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  1. The Wayfarer says:

    Damn that food looks so delicious!


  2. xxyy says:

    lmao ghanian jollof isnt jollof and yes this is a nigerian talking lol as for the men they are all the same! lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahahahah I’m planning to head to Nigeria next year sooo be ready for the rebuttal to my assessments


  3. Anonymous says:

    This was funny as f. Just came back from Ghana 2 months ago and going back for xmas time. Thanks for the laughs

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading ! I had such a good time and would definitely go back back again, Christmas time was so much fun


  4. Anonymous says:

    I forgot to mention. @omartakespictures

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