Haggling 101

So let me pretense this with I’m not like THEE master haggler, but I be getting my stuff, and for a price I’m comfortable with ALWAYS, so just cause I’m not the best doesn’t mean I don’t know how to be!
I know you’ve gone to a new city, or a new country, gone to their local markets, fell in love with their products but weren’t sure about the price. Living in NY and Barcelona two of the most touristic places in the world has taught me that there are ALWAYS at least 2 prices at these type of markets, what they’ll sell it at and what it’s priced at. Even with all of my travel it took me living in another place, as cheap as Barcelona (compared to NY), to realize they really will try you. Many times I’ve had to argue with people because they tried to charge me tourist prices when I know the local prices. All that to say don’t go into buying things with your home pricing and rather with the local pricing. With that said, what makes a great haggler?

  • Be confident:If you look like you don’t take any shit and know what you want, they’ll sense that and wont even try to bad hassle you. They’ll probably start good off the back.
  • Be friendly: literally the most basics of things. People are more likely to bargain with you and give you better prices if they like you. Simple. If you know their language, even if only a bit USE IT. Talk em up, smile, be jokey but still stern. I get mighty far with a smile.
  • The lowest price they can accept is extremely low.. but also remember there will be a lowest number they will let certain things go for. I’ve literally seen time and time again the same item in different places be marketed (for example) at one place $5- $20 at another.
  • They can probably go half: most of the profit these vendors get for their products are over 100%. Honestly its tourist that drive the prices they pick. They’ve only priced an item a price because enough people have bought it for that price and they know if they bargain it makes them look better while still making profit. So keep that in mind.
  • Set your lowest price in your head 1st:Before even searching for the listed price or asking, know a roundabout figure you’d like it pay for the item and what you’d be willing to pay for it.
  • Be willing to leave it: Literally walk away. I don’t care how much you like it, be prepared to say “Okay, thanks. I’m going to check another store/ look at the other table”. This should be after trying to compromise on the price. Nobody wants to lose money, at this point they know you have money and are willing to compromise. You saying bye probably will shake them up a bit and make them want to compromise more to close the sale. On the other hand they may say “okay, I cant go lower” – FREEZE – on this end you need to evaluate re they really being unreasonable, or are you?.. if you decide you, then buy the damn thing, or go and come back the price wont go back up promise.
  • Leave the negotiating to the end:in a lot of cases people are more willing to bargain with you if you’re getting multiple things. Things have different values, and it may be nothing to think to chop the price down hugely if they’re just looking at the lump sum.
  • Always have cash on you in a variety of small bills. Be able to take out the exact amount you need. This is beneficial if you’re doing the “walk away” tactic. If you pull out a $10 and say this is all I have “take it or leave it” they may be more willing to go with it and take the money. If you take out a $20 but trying to haggle to 10 they are going to know you have more and may afford more. Also it just makes it all around easier for you, for them, for your pricing.



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