How Do You Measure Net Worth?

“Net worth is defined as assets minus liabilities. Essentially, it is a measure of what an entity is worth. For an individual, it represents the properties owned, minus any debt the person has.”

{I’m in a writing challenge with my South African penpal Leigh
*drools* , and this was our writing prompt for the week,
check hers out

In America your net worth is kind of big deal, your investments, material goods and properties are all meant to be some form of –basically– how well you’re adulting. People work for years to build their credit and save just so they can “own” something. In any region in the world this is seen as an accomplishment but to many others in the world it’s not per-say a goal.

So the question I asked was why is net worth (something that is suppose to showcase a person’s wealth and security), measured by assets if material possessions are of no importance to many. Why isn’t net worth measured in part by experiences as well? This is also something I think of on the eve of my move. Where many of my friends have successfully began building their portfolios, I’ve just been building memories and knowledge.




So what investment means more to you?

In the 2 years that have passed, (in my best guesstimation) I’ve spent roughly $30,000 that went towards rent, my masters program, living expenses, and traveling between 4 continents and over 15 countries.
Before moving I had my apartment, my own car, and I was happy with my adulting. Now, 2 years minus maybe $30,000 later without anything in my name anymore except student loans from university (Go Temple GO!) lol I don’t regret a thing nor think I’m worth any less.

This post was prompted by a friends IG caption
“How different would life be if net worth was measured in experiences…”

So I consider my life decisions and adventures an investment in myself; I consider the knowledge I’ve accumulated and ability to educate others on certain topics on worldly culture an asset. For me, these are my properties my assets – and my debts are my regrets.

This also isn’t discounting the people who sacrifice experiences to obtain their tangible assets, I’m so proud and in awe of you. These are still things I want, I just know it won’t be this very second, and I’ve too sacrificed those investments for my own.  


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